Love is In My Eyes

Can’t you see it?
Love is in my eyes.
They sparkle like 300 bright stars in a jar.
Will you love me?
I’m full of imperfections.
I’m a rose that once was in bloom now slowly withering.
Hold the dried rose in your hand.
Don’t crush it.
For it will turn to dust and my love I will be gone.
Photography of pink roses is by Marie Therese Lawlor.
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The Shooting Stars You Can See

Can I be your one and only?
Will you promise?
Under the moonlight will you kiss me?
Will you take control?
Will you get lost with me?
Will you lay down on the grass with me and watch the starlight?
Your eyes are just like mine.
They’ll see the shooting stars.
They’ll see the love I have to give.
Will you live your life true?
Will you learn to know me?
Will you take me for who I am?
Will you cross the sea to be with me?
Will you speak to me in the language of love for that’s all I understand?
Don’t be late.
The photograph is from Pinterest.

Her Market Bags


Short story written by: Marie Therese Lawlor

Of course, only she would insist this blue, pink, and purple market bag be her makeup bag. There it was sitting on top of her suitcase so impractical like her. It doesn’t even zip up. Everything will fall out of it.

I asked her why she chose this bag. She said it reminded her of the palenke in the Philippines. “What’s a palenke?” I asked. She said, “It’s an open air market where they sell cheap fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, so on and so forth.”

“How much was the bag?” I asked. “It was $5.00,” she said. I replied, “Really? You paid $5.00 for that?” She said, “Yeah, I saw it and loved it.” “Why?” I asked. She said, “It reminded me of home.”

Then she pulls out a bigger orange plaid market bag. “Here’s a bigger version. It’s for my computer,” she said. “You’re joking. You’re going to look like a bag lady with that,” I said kidding her.

Photo on 16-07-2017 at 7.44 PM #3.jpg
She turned to me her eyes watering. She said, “We need to break up.” “Why? I was joking,” I said. “We just have to. You don’t get me. We’re too different. You’re too American and I’m too Filipino.” “Oh no, we’re not breaking up over your market bags. I’m sorry,” I said.




I Want To Because I Can


I want to kiss you.

Burn it into your memory.

What my soft lips feel like.


I want to have your true colors shine.

I want to see your rainbow.

Be mostly the color purple.


I want to let you know why I giggle.

I want to have you see why I have a huge smile.

I want to feel your strength.


I want to be ruined.

I want to fall apart.

I want to be imperfect.


I want to know you’re hurting.

I want to know you care.

I want to hear the music in your voice deepen.


I want to be reproved.

I want to be disapproved.

I want to bite and lick my lips.

I want to move my hips.


I want to because I can…


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When I Found Out You Loved Me


Musical lilt in tone gone.

Scolding tone I hear.

Back in time.

Down my heart sank.


You picked it up with grace.

What a joy.

Those pauses.

Trying to tell me.


My reply I don’t want to lose you.

Because you just told me you loved me.

So good mornings it is.

Goodnights before I sleep.


Make a wish.

One day I can wake up.

Reach over and kiss you.

This is when you find out I love you too.



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Your Voice

I do love hearing you.
It’s so sweet.
I love it.
It’s like the ocean.
It’s just familiar.
It calms me.
It’s like the waves breaking against rocks.
It has music even when you’re not singing.
It’s just so delicate.
It’s humble.
It’s patient.
It’s kind.
It says it loves me all the time.
There’s just something about it.
I can pick up what you mean.
Just a slight change in tone.
Back in my memory, it beckons me.
Down to memory lane I go.
I see myself walking on a beach.
The sand between my toes.
You holding my hand.
You touching my face.
You kissing me.
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Be Still My Heart


Oh heart be still
Only three weeks till
My heart you will see our smiles
And get a kiss after traveling all those miles

Oh heart be still
Don’t worry or fret just be chill
Can’t wait to be kissed
For it is you I’ve missed

Roses I will see
You and I will have a cup of tea
Cook dinner together
My mind is now light as a feather

No, I will not back down
Ohhh do you have a frown
No worries at all
In love with me, you will fall

Poem written by: Marie Therese Lawlor

Photography by: Marie Therese Lawlor

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Here are new roses prints for sale.



Just added new roses prints for sale.


I just added two roses prints with poems.


Here are new roses prints for sale.

Here are new roses prints for sale.

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Purple Flowers


My leaves gripping me strong
My petals trying to blossom
My leaves have fallen on top of my flowers
Everything has gone wrong

At least I can still see the sun shining
See the plane after plane passing
Right above me one every hour
Who knew Red Bluff had this much power

Supposedly the planes coming in are students
But I just saw a big plane with a large engine
Now the planes have all landed
It’s time for me to rest and hope my purple shaded
Petals don’t wither in this harsh heat

Do This For Me


Don’t pretend you don’t love me
Don’t pretend this is no big deal
Wish for a kiss
Let your heart heal

It is you I miss
I know you’ll always be here
I see you
I know it’s true

All I know is
I just want a hug from you
I want you to sit and have a chat with me
I know that will be
Make a wish please

If you can make sense out of this poem
It’s because I wrote it for you
I hope you found it
Both of us need this poem