Too Faced Photographed


I bought a Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter and I arranged it in a box with a crumpled paper bag on top of a Sephora tissue. This is the result!


Shopping at Sephora


Janya Thai Delight is closed for a week due to a family emergency so yesterday I was off from my waitressing job so I got to go shopping with mom at Redding. I really wanted to go to Sephora to get makeup so we went. It is located inside the JCPenney’s.


Initially I went there looking for Fenty, a makeup line by Rihanna. I wanted to try the primer. I got the primer and while in line I got an Armani perfume and a try it Smashbox kit.

While leaving the store I decided to also buy the Fenty foundation. I got color matched by a Sephora employee. She was very good and it took her only one try. Then I also decided I needed a brush for the foundation.

So far I love all of the products I purchased. I also get to take awesome photos of them. Here are the pics. Check out how cute this Smashbox try it lipstick is.


My California Pics Movie and B’s Europe Pics Movie and My Travel Pics Movie

Check out some slideshow movies of pictures being sold on Ciao Means Hello Art Gallery. You can view more images on the Ciao Means Hello Art Gallery Fan page: If you are interested in buying prints you can email me at

I made a short slideshow of pictures I took with my new camera.

I also made a short video of B’s pics of Europe.

Here’s another slideshow movie. This one is of my travel pics taken in 2015.