Tourism in Costa Rica and How We Could Have More Tourism in Mindanao


This is a pic of me in San Jose, Costa Rica. This was taken at the Mariposario in University of Costa Rica.

My trip to Costa Rica came about because I was just working at the back of the house of Poke Land. I was washing dishes and prepping food. After about a month of working there, I decided I wanted to pursue teaching English abroad. I did not know where to start so I thought I would try to volunteer teach. I went to to look for a volunteer teaching job abroad.

I started out thinking perhaps China was going to be the best choice, but then I learned I had to get a visa to enter mainland China. The visa was something I had to get in San Francisco and it was going to cost me a few more hundred dollars and some time off so I decided to investigate trying to go to Costa Rica. I learned that Costa Rica was going to be way easier to enter. I did not need a visa and I just needed to present my passport. US nationals are not required to show a visa during entry to Costa Rica, but they must present a valid passport and an exit ticket out of Costa Rica within 90 days.

I decided to try out two weeks of volunteer teaching in San Jose, Costa Rica. I then was partnered up with Maximo Nivel and Maximo Nivel partnered me up with Fundacion Mujer. I taught at Fundacion Mujer and three days into my volunteer teaching experience I also decided to take a TEFL course with Maximo Nivel and this time it was Maximo Nivel in Manuel Antonio. I extended my original two-week volunteer teaching to three weeks in San Jose’s Maximo Nivel, then I did a month of TEFL at the Manuel Antonio Maximo Nivel. Then after I graduated I did a week of volunteer teaching in San Jose’s Maximo Nivel again. Then I got a job with Academia Europea in Escazu.

Aside from getting teaching experience abroad through volunteer teaching and getting an in class TEFL certificate, this trip allowed me to see how beautiful Costa Rica is. The trip also allowed me to take some of the best photos I have ever taken. My trip to Costa Rica was an amazing photo opportunity adventure. Check out some of my awesome pics of La Paz Waterfall below.

Click here to check out my Guide to Latin America site. I have posted photos and videos of La Paz Waterfalls.

Here are some awesome videos of La Paz Waterfalls.

I purchased a Combo Tour, which was a tour that allowed me to go to a few sites in San Jose Costa Rica. I went to Doka Coffee Plantation, La Paz Waterfall, and Poas Volcano during my first few weeks in San Jose, Costa Rica. I got lots of awesome photos there. I also got to go to the Mariposario at the University of Costa Rica here are some pics below. Manuel Antonio has awesome beaches. I got to take lots of cool pics by the beach. I also got to take awesome nature pics while I was in Manuel Antonio.

Check out the awesome pics I took at the Mariposario in San Jose, Costa Rica.


Here are some really awesome butterfly pics. I took this during the very end of my three-week volunteer experience.

Here are some of my photos during my travel. I have lots of them and you can also view all sorts of videos on this blog. I think Costa Rica is a great destination. It is very beautiful and they also have amazing food.

I also got to go white water rafting twice. The first time I went I had not really planned on going. My roommate at my homestay in Manuel Antonio was on an adventure trip. I decided to go to Maximo Nivel campus during the morning she was going. Once I got to the campus I decided maybe it would be a good idea to go with her. I talked to the white-water rafting company about the cost and if I could just come along. They said it was about a hundred dollars and I could just come along. I just needed to get water shoes from them. They also provided me with a life vest.

Here is a video of my first white water rafting adventure in Manuel Antonio.

The second time I went it was right before the end of my TEFL course. I decided to book a white water rafting trip on my own. I went with a group of New Yorkers who were there for a bachelor party. It was a fun adventure. I highly suggest trying white water rafting in Manuel Antonio.

Here is a video of my second white water rafting adventure.

The types of tours I experienced in Costa Rica like the white-water rafting tour is a tour that could be done in San Miguel Calinan Davao City, Philippines. When I was in Davao and staying at my grandmother’s house, I saw a few people white water rafting. I think this type of adventure tourism could bring in a lot of money for the Philippines.

I think if someone were to arrange white water rafting tours in San Miguel they could market this type of a tour in hotels. I got my Combo Tour from MJ Travel Service, which is located next to Maximo Nivel. Below is a video about tourism in Costa Rica and tourism in Davao City.


Here is a video I made of my Combo Tour which included the Doka Coffee Plantation, Poas Volcano, and La Paz Waterfalls. The video contains lots of amazing photos during my trip and beautiful video clips. Some of the video clips are slow motion footage I took with my iPhone camera.



Check out these awesome collages I made of my trip to Costa Rica. I think these are some of the best tourism pics for Costa Rica that I have made so far.

I took these pics my first day in Manuel Antonio. I went on a trip to the beach with UB and Tevin. We had the best time ever!


Costa Rica also has the best food! These are pics I took during my visit to Manuel Antonio. I got to go to Victoria’s Gourmet Italian Restaurant.


More yummy food pics. Costa Rica has the best restaurants ever. The chicken, beans, rice, and veggies dish was my typical Costa Rican food. I did end up going to a Thai restaurant a few times and I also went and got an awesome sandwich at the mall in San Jose. Click here to visit my blog Smorgasbord World to see a video about Costa Rican Food Americans must try.


I got this awesome fish from Burro’s in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. The restaurant is located near the beach.


I love the outdoor seating at Burro’s in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica.


This is a typical Costa Rican breakfast. It is eggs, potatoes, and sausages. I got this from the buffet at Walmart in Escazu. Walmart Escazu is located in: Centro Comercial Trejos Montealegre, Frente al, San José, San Rafael, Costa Rica. I started going to this Walmart after I got a job at Academia Europea in the end of September in 2019.


I got this yummy fried chicken with a side of veggies from a soda near Maximo Nivel San Jose, Costa Rica. It was very delicious. It was also very cheap. This is another good example of a typical Costa Rican dish. This is how my lunches usually looked. This type of dish is considered very Tico, the shortened word for very Costa Rican as in very local.


Check out all of the awesome hibiscus in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica.


Here are more awesome flower pics. I took these near the Maximo Nivel campus in Manuel Antonio.


Costa Rica can be a little bit rainy so make sure to plan your trip accordingly.

About Food in Davao City

I think one of the biggest tourist attractions for Davao City is also food. When I went to Davao City in 2015 to 2016, I got to eat all sorts of awesome foods. Here are a few of my faves.

This is ngohiong from Hukad it is a medley of delicious ingredients wrapped in rice paper and then deep fried. Inside the crispy rice paper of ngohiong are the heart of the coconut palm, bamboo shoots, ground pork, shrimp, garlic, and onions. Click here to check out my Smorgasbord World blog to see an awesome Ngohiong recipe.


This is adobong kangkong. I grew up lots of kangkong when I was younger. Kangkong is also known as water monging glory. This specific kangkong is cooked in adobo type sauce. It was delicious. I got this when I went to Hukad, a restaurant in Davao. Click here to check out my Smorgasbord World blog to see an awesome Ngohiong recipe.


When I went to Davao City in 2015 I stayed at the Waterfront Insular hotel for a night. I got to try this delicious dish at their restaurant called Café Uno. When you go to the restaurant you can pick out whatever seafood you would like. I chose prawns and I had them deep fry my prawns in chili sauce. Click here to view my blog Smorgasbord Wolrd. I have posted a video on how to make prawns in chili sauce. It is not exactly like the one I had, but it is similar.


This is delicious lumpia. I got this lumpia which is shaped slightly differently from most lumpia at Rancheros in Abreeza. Click here to check out my Smorgasbord World blog to see an awesome Lumpia recipe.


Davao City also has delicious drinks. These are shakes. I got a mango shake, which is the yellow one and the white shake is a buko shake. Buko shake is made with young coconut milk and some syrup. Shakes are always very refreshing and perfect for hot weather. Buko shakes are typically deliciously creamy. Click here to check out my Smorgasbord World blog to see how to make a mango shake.


When I was in Davao City, I went to a Vietnamese restaurant in Abreeza. It is called Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine. This is a very delicious starter platter that I ordered for appetizer. The appetizer on the lower-left corner is fresh rolls. Click here to view my blog Smorgasbord World. I have posted an awesome video on how to make fresh rolls.


This is a spicy shrimp dish I ordered for our dinner at Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine.


This is biko I ordered from the Seda Hotel restaurant. Biko is a Filipino dessert that consists of glutinous rice, coconut milk, and brown sugar. It is very simple to make and is often served in local restaurants, parties, and gatherings. Click here to check out my Smorgasbord World blog. I have posted a video on how to make Bisaya style Biko.