About My Peach Bellini Lip Gloss from My Made Line Collection


Check it out! My new Peach Bellini lip gloss is for sale. It is part of Peri Winkle Petal’s Made Line Collection.

Hello everyone! My Peach Bellini Lip glosses are for sale. It is part of Peri Winkle Petal’s Made Line Collection. It is super pretty. I absolutely love the peach pink color. It also has a peach flavor. It is a great addition to your every day make up, but it also wears nicely for night and out to the beach.

I am planning on making three lines. The first one is going to be called Made Line. It is going to be products that I am making from Bramble Berry kits. The next line is going to be called the Rose Line. Those are products I am making using my own recipes. The next line is going to be called the Poodle Line. That line is about my easy to travel make up. They will be small pots that you can magnet onto a makeup palette and just carry that with you when you travel.

I Made Lip Balms Using the STMT D.I.Y. Tinted Lip Tint Kit


Hello Everyone! I tried the tinted lip tint kit. It was lots of fun.

Check out this STMT Lip Tint kit. This was lots of fun to work with.

Check out my tutorial video.

Why Do I Love to Create Video Tutorials?

I love to create video tutorials because I would like to share what I have learned to my blog viewers. In the past I had always wanted to create my own beauty products, but I did not get a chance to until I got these STMT kits from Target. Once I got the kits creating the beauty products was an easy task. After I got my hands on the kits I decided to film me creating the beauty products. I then turned the video clips into video tutorials so I could show you all how easy it is to make beauty products with the use of the STMT Kits.

What Inspired Me to Create Beauty Products?

I have been inspired by the magazine Willow and Sage. They have the best recipes. I have a few of their magazine issues. I also have used the internet to search new recipes from Willow and Sage and have gotten awesome ideas.

I also often go to the grocery store to check out their beauty products. I love seeing what kind of lip scrubs and soap they have. I have also been frequenting the BABS Bath Shop to check out their products. BABS Bath Shop is located on Main Street in Red Bluff, California.

My Future in the Beauty Industry?

Some day, I hope to be able to sell my beauty products at the Saturday market here in Red Bluff or online. Check out more of my blog posts to see all of the videos tutorials I have created. STMT kits and also the Bramble Berry Kits were the best kits for me to use for creating the products and the video tutorials. You can purchase STMT Kits on Amazon and Bramble Berry Kits can be purchased at BrambleBerry.com.

Check out this awesome lip balm recipe I found on Willow and Sage: willowandsage.com/kiss-your-chapstick-goodbye