Fenty MakeUp Pics


Check out my Fenty MakeUp pics edited.


Shopping at Sephora



Janya Thai Delight is closed for a week due to a family emergency so yesterday I was off from my waitressing job so I got to go shopping with mom at Redding. I really wanted to go to Sephora to get makeup so we went. It is located inside the JCPenney’s.


Initially I went there looking for Fenty, a makeup line by Rihanna. I wanted to try the primer. I got the primer and while in line I got an Armani perfume and a try it Smashbox kit.

While leaving the store I decided to also buy the Fenty foundation. I got color matched by a Sephora employee. She was very good and it took her only one try. Then I also decided I needed a brush for the foundation.

So far I love all of the products I purchased. I also get to take awesome photos of them. Here are the pics. Check out how cute this Smashbox try it lipstick is.