December Red Bluff Pics

Check out my blog about Kanela’s Cafe:

I absolutely love my sunflower earrings from Kanela’s Cafe. Click here to learn more about my sunflower earrings.

I am absolutely loving my new pink and purple blouse I got from Kanela’s Cafe. Click here to read more about my new blouse.

Check out the beautiful Christmas decor on Main Street and check out this awesome video I made about Main Street.


MakeUp Videos Showcasing My Huda Beauty Lippie and Wet and Wild Lippies

I am loving my Huda Beauty Lippie and the Wet and Wild Lippies.

Check out the latest makeup videos I made. The first one is a more natural look. The second one is a lot more colorful and is a night look.

Here is the natural look.

Here is my final look. I absolutely love how simple and natural-looking my makeup looks.

Here is the more colorful night look.

Hello everyone! I wanted to create a night look using my new Huda Beauty Bawse Demi Matte Lip Cream. I love this lip cream because it is long-lasting. The color is very bold and helps create a very striking contour of my lips. The lip cream has a hint of menthol so it has tingling feeling when you put it on your lips. It uses a formula called Maxi-Lip and it helps hydrate your lips.

Here is a video of me buying the Huda Beauty lippie.

A few months ago when I first came back from Nicaragua and Costa Rica trip I went to the mall and tried on the Bawse Huda Beauty lippie.

It was awesome and I absolutely loved it. I finally got it and last night I thought I would try on the color along with my other makeup. Check out the final look in the video up top.

Sophisticated Night Look

Here is a video tutorial featuring my Huda Beauty Bawse lippie.

Check out this eye shadow guide look I found online.

More eyeshadow ideas. This one is very colorful, but I think it’s very pretty and I thought why not share it.

Here are a few makeup tools I have invested in that are fairly cheap.

The small eyeshadow brush by Wet N’ Wild is only 98 cents.


The flat top brush that I used in this video to apply my makeup is only $2.53.


The Wet N’ Wild Pink Ice lipstick that I used to layer on top of my lipstick is only 98 cents.


The Wet N’ Wild MegaGlo Illuminating Palette that I used is only $5.


The Wet N’ Wild Highlighting powder that I used is only $5.


Another Wet N’ Wild Item I often use, but I did not in this video is the Wet N’ Wild lip gloss. It is only $3.50.


The CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume that I used in this video is also very affordable.


The LA Colors Eyeshadow that I used for this video is the 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette. It is only $4.

The Sea Shell Jumbo Eye Pencil that I used to prime my eyeshadow is only $1.50.

Check out this awesome eye shadow idea I found online.


I love this new eyeshadow look. It is very very colorful.