Exploring Oceans A Kit by Discovery and About Gaumer’s Jewelry


About the Sea Shells Discovery Kit

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

About Gaumer’s Jewelry

Gaumer’s Jewelry in Red Bluff, California has ammonite fossils.


Check out this awesome fossil I got 🙂

I got this awesome fossil called Elimia Tenera. It is from Green River, Wyoming.


Two New Pics with Quotes

This morning I added this quote to my photo above of my orchids in my bathroom. I absolutely love this quote. Tonight, I added a quote to my kangkong looking plants pic. I think it came out great. Here it is below.

Here is a video about the process.

Blog Post Update 1:

Here is another image with an awesome quote. I took this pic in Costa Rica and I added the quote, “There are so many beautiful things to be happy about.”

About Bullet Journaling, Decorating My Room, and Making My Books

Here is my video about my bullet journal work.

Here is my video about my wall decor. I printed out my photos and stuck them on my wall. I also got cards and other decorations to make my room look cool.

Here is a video about the book of my photographs that I created.

The book that I created using Dreamweaver. It is just a draft. I am going to make a better one soon. One where the images are not cropped funny.

Blog post update:

Hello everyone! Therese here. I have a blog post update. I have started using two journaling apps. They are called Pi Journal and Journey. Click here to read my blog post. I posted it on my other blog MTLawlor Design.