I will be using Schoology to teach my Cebuano lessons.  I think Schoology is a great tool because my students will be able to access the Cebuano lessons online.  The students will be able to access the links to my blog that contains the Cebuano lessons and download Word Documents that contains more Cebuano lessons that the students can then download.  I will also be creating video tutorials on how to speak Cebuano and those links will be posted in Schoology.  After the Cebuano lessons my students will be quizzed.  You can make a quiz within Schoology and give the students grades that the students can see in their student version Schoology account.




Filipino Farm


Farmville 2 is one of my favorite games.  It is an easy game, but it is fun and you do learn things about farming like the different crops there are to plant.  For example, I did not know what an Indian Lotus was until I played FarmVille 2 and saw it was one of the crops I could plant.

Currently, I am designing a Cebuano lesson plan and would like to include games.  I have decided to design a game that would be similar to FarmVille 2.  The only difference between FarmVille 2 and my game is that the students plant Filipino crops, fruits, trees, and flowers.


The Filipino Farm game I am designing will not only teach the Filipino students about the different plants there are in the Philippines, but also the Filipino names for the plants.  For example, jackfruit in the Philippines is called langka and squashes are called calabasa.  When teaching students about a language like Cebuano it is important the students know the different plants there are in the Philippines because lots of plants that are popular in the Philippines are not popular in America.  For example, if the students go to the Philippines they will not know what a rambutan is unless it is taught to them because typically there are no rambutan being sold in American grocery stores.

Check out my video about Filipino Farm:

Learn Cebuano Game Chow Queen


Written By: Marie Therese Lawlor

In the past I was a waitress for Plum House in Eastview Mall. It was a Japanese restaurant and it was my first waitressing job. Plum House used the Micros system to help the servers enter the orders into the computer. Once the order was entered a piece of paper would then print out in the kitchen for the chef to see. Once the chef sees the order the chef would then cook the food and the waitress would then bring out the food to the customer‘s table. After the customer has eaten the Micros system is used to process the payment.

I have decided I would like to create a lesson plan on teaching students Cebuano. This lesson plan would include teaching the students Cebuano vocabulary, greetings, and basic Cebuano conversational dialogues. I would also like to teach the students the different drinks and foods while playing the computer game I have designed that is based on the Micros system.






The plan for the game Chow Queen:

A female customer shows up on the screen.

1. On the computer screen: Introduce yourself to the customer.

Player types in: Kumusta ka. Si TingTing ko. Ako imong waitress.

2. On the computer screen: Ask the customer what he/she wants to drink.

Player types in: Unsa imong gusto imnun.

3. A female customer shows up on the computer screen and she says to the player: Gusto ko mag inum ug buko juice.

Player enters in computer: Main Menu- Drinks- Buko Juice- Done

4. On the computer screen: Ask the customer if she has decided on what to order and what she would like to order.

Player types in: Na human na ka ug pili sa imong order. Unsang pagkaun imong gusto?

5. The female customer on the computer screen says: Gusto ko magkaun ug adobo ug rice.

Player enters: Main menu- Entree- Adobo-Done

6. On the computer screen: Ask the customer what he or she wants to eat for dessert.

Player types in: Unsang dessert ang gusto nimo?

7. The female customer on the computer says: Gusto ko mag kaun ug halo halo.

main menu- dessert- halo halo- done

8. The customer asks for the check. She says: Human na ko. Pwede ko makadawatsaakong cheque?

Player clicks on the computer: main menu- print check
Chow Queen Restaurant

Buko juice 20.00
Adobo 50.00
Rice 10.00
Halo Halo 10.00

Total: 120.00

9. The check shows up on the computer screen: Say here is your check and say thank you.

Player types in: Maam cheque nimo. Salamat po.

10. The female customer on the computer screen leaves 150.

11. On the computer screen: You pick up the money and say- Thank you. Wait one moment for your change.

Player types in: Salamat. Hulatsa para saimongcambio.

12. Player clicks in the computer: main menu- pay- 150- computer says change 30

13. You leave the change for the customer and you say: Thank you come again.

Player types in: Salamat. Balik balikpo.

Check out my video about Chow Queen: