My Pearlescent Watercolor Painting

Check out my latest art work! I made it using this kit!


I learned how to paint with watercolors with a famous watercolorist named Hilary Page. Check out some of her books:

Watercolor Right from the Start (1992)

Hilary Page’s Guide to Watercolor Paints (1997)



Paint and Petals

Check out my Paint and Petals bandana.

I am loving my new Paint and Petals bandana. I started buying Paint and Petals products about 2 months ago. I saw their products at Raley’s and I bought a plate, a little bowl, a purse, notebooks, and wrapping paper. Today Daylon, bought me a Paint and Petals bandana and I have decided that perhaps I would like to create floral paintings and then turn them into cool bag designs or even a cool bandana. I could also paint right onto a canvas bag and sell those kinds of products.

I really like painting and art and then turning things into digital art. It would really be cool to turn my art into objects that people could then buy. Art has always been my passion and the flowers here in Red Bluff and in my garden have inspired me lots lately. I have been taking so many cool photos because we have so many cool flowers.

Check out their site: