Believe in Yourself Video

Hello Marie Therese Lawlor here so the quote of the day is, “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” Again that’s, “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” Yes, like I’ve said before believe in yourself. That’s important because you really have to be able to trust yourself to complete anything that you put your mind into and then believe in all that you are. Make sure you have your core values and make sure to follow that whether it’s making sure to help your family or leaving a legacy. Make sure that you know what is best for the situation and make sure that that gets implemented into the situation.

When you believe in yourself you exude confidence. Confidence in yourself will help you get past any obstacle. For example, you might want to get promoted. When you believe in yourself you can visualize that coming true. Exuding confidence will also help your boss and coworkers know that they can trust you with that promotion. They can see that you will be capable of handling your new title that you’ve been promoted to. If you look awkward and fearful, that will not help ease your boss’s mind in promoting you. Show that there is something inside you that can handle any obstacle. Show that you have it inside of yourself and show that you are capable of being a strong person. Knowing your strength and showing your strength will help you overcome any hurdles you have to get past.

For me, I can apply that to college. It was going to college for photography. I believed I could do something in photography. I knew I was a photographer. I knew that photography would be the best thing for me no matter what. When I went to school for photography I went for something that I loved so I gave it my all. I knew that I could finish college even though it was hard because I knew that I had it in me and photography was my passion. My job right now is not in photography, but I have been taking photographs of flowers from Tehama Floral Company as my own side project. I have been having fun doing it. I am building a portfolio and I know I will be able to use them in the future. I love the fact they’re unique flowers and Tehama Floral Company does a really good job with helping me pick them. I just absolutely love them and they make Ciao Means Hello so much more fun. Having my own photos in there is just great.

You could also apply this quote to someone living in the Philippines and he or she wanted to go abroad. I would like to discuss that because that would have been something I would have had to do if I hadn’t immigrated to America as a young child. If you are trying to immigrate from a third world country to a first world country like America you just have to think about it and you have to believe in yourself. Think, “I can go abroad.” Then you have to think do I have that in me. Can I get through school for something like nursing? Because that’s the best way to go abroad because then you would be able to get jobs all over the world. You could start off getting a nursing job in the Middle East and getting experience. Then after that apply to nursing jobs in America and see if you can make it in America or even somewhere in Europe. Know that you can pass any of the nursing classes and exams and that any obstacle you have you can go get through it.

After you have graduated you can apply. You can get in. You can take any route. Some people go from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia or Qatar or Kuwait. They are looking for a lot of nurses over there. I know one of my cousins from Tangub on my father’s side of my family did that. She was there for a few years. She made so much money doing that. Yes, it’s a completely different culture and it’s a completely different way of life because you have curfews and stricter rules than the Philippines. Just know that you can get through a year or two not having all of your friends, your kabarkadas or being with your family all of the time. You can get through that.

Just know that if you can get through that then you can get to other places that you might be more interested in like Europe or America and that once you get to Europe and America you can make even more money. Afterward, you can bring your family over to America. You have to think that I am doing this not just for me, but I’m doing this for my family and for my future generation. That’s how I would be able to apply that quote also. Of course me not being in nursing or in the Philippines I kind of just have photography to go with. Yes, I think that’s a really awesome quote and it’s a really great quote to always keep in mind and to just know that this too you can conquer. Thanks for watching. Bye.