Scholastic Art Contest




During the summer of my junior year in high school, I took a photography class at Rochester Institute of Technology. I learned how to use a 35mm camera. I was taught all about aperture, camera speed, film speed, how to develop black and white film in the darkroom, and how to print them in the darkroom. It was an awesome class and I learned lots.
I took lots and lots of pictures. Those pictures were then shown to my art teacher during my senior year in high school and he encouraged me to enter them at a Scholastic Art contest. I picked my favorite photographs and entered them. I ended up winning the Gold Key and $100. At that time $100 was a large amount for me so I was ecstatic.
I do not have all of those photographs anymore except one, but I did have them all up until 2016. I scanned in all of the photographs that I entered in the Scholastic Art contest and kept them on file in my computer. In the spring of 2016, my computer crashed. It had to get its logic board replaced so all of my files were lost.
Luckily one of the photos I had given to my manager from my old job in Rochester because she knew the model in the photo. I recently messaged her to see if she still had it and she did. Here it is up top. It was a photograph of a cat with feet in the image. I just wanted to take the photo of the cat peeking at me but there were also feet so I just framed it in the rule of thirds.
The photograph is awesome. The cat is adorable. I am so glad I scanned in this image and emailed it to my manager. She’s a lifesaver. She always does favors like this for me. It makes me want to get back to shooting more photographs even if it’s just using my tablet’s built-in camera.