Beautiful Starbucks Wall Pics

Photo on 4-30-19 at 7.46 PM.jpg

I absolutely love this wall pic from Starbucks. It is of a coffee plant. I love the flowers and the fruit. My great grandmother used to pick coffee from the coffee plants near my Lolo Martin’s house. My Lolo Martin’s house used to be located in a slightly different place and near his house were a bunch of coffee plants. My great grandmother used to pick them often, I would go with her, and I used to taste the fruits which were sweet. My great grandmother then dried the coffee beans after it was peeled and then she would grind them with an old style grinder in order to make her coffee.


Day to Day Things

Quote of the Day: Day to day things, the mundane, are what keeps the motor running. How extraordinary the ordinary really is, a tool we all use to keep going, a template for sanity.


Day to day food pics:

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