Friday’s Lessons at Fundacion Mujer September 27 2019

This past Friday at Fundacion Mujer during my volunteer duty teaching English, my students learned about describing the different processes.

Pic 1 on 9-29-19 at 7.46 AM

Then we worked on some worksheets that I copied from my business English book. The first one is how to inform clients using the present continuous tense.

Pic 2 on 9-29-19 at 7.48 AM

Then we learned about perfect progressive. I had copied a page from one of the English books I had gotten during my TEFL course.

Pic 3 on 9-29-19 at 7.49 AM

Then we worked on present perfect progressive exercises.

Pic 4 on 9-29-19 at 7.50 AM

Then we worked on more exercises from the business English book.

Then we looked at the different verb tenses. I copied the pages from my Maximo Nivel TEFL book, which had the different verb forms. We learned about regular and irregular verbs.

Here are the answers on the board.


Here are some of the PDFs we worked on.





Oscar Monge’s Advertisement Videos

My friend, Oscar is an actor and I thought I would post some of his awesome ad videos. Here’s a Pizza Hut ad he was in.

Here is a Ficohsa ad he was in.

Fundacion Mujer September 2019

I am currently volunteering at Fundacion Mujer for the next two weeks. I graduated on Friday with my TEFL certificate from Cosi Maximo Nivel in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. I decided volunteering in San Jose at Fundacion Mujer while I looked for a teaching English job here in San Jose was the best idea. Yesterday, I found a job teaching English, but I am still going to continue my volunteer experience with Fundacion Mujer for the next two weeks.

Yesterday, I taught my students adverbs of place and adverbs of time. The lessons were from my lesson plans for my adverbs research paper. During my TEFL program at Cosi Maximo Nivel, I had to write a research paper and I chose adverbs for my topic. After we we had written our research papers, our teacher, Audra had us create three lesson plans that went with our research paper topic. Yesterday, I thought it would be fun to teach my students two of my lesson plans. The lessons went well and my students enjoyed the lessons.

Today, I decided to work off of a book. We did a few exercises where we unscrambled sentences that were not in order. Afterward, we talked about the sentences and the structures. I taught my students prepositional phrases, zero conditionals, and questions relating to food and hospitality. Here are some images of the lessons.