Loggerhead Turtle Named Leia

Hello everyone!

I was able to adopt a turtle last night named Leia. The turtle is a Loggerhead turtle and is located in Florida.

Here are some images from the site:

The site is called the Sea Turtle Conservancy. It is the world’s oldest turtle research and conservation group. STC is leading in protecting these magnificent animals and their habitats.

Check out this awesome video about protecting the turtles 🙂


To learn more about sea turtles check out my blog post called Sea Turtle Adoption on my KanelasCafeMainStreet.wordpress.com site.

Check out what I got in my Sea Turtle adoption package.

This turtle is so adorable! It is the cutest plush toy ever.

Exploring Oceans A Kit by Discovery and About Gaumer’s Jewelry


About the Sea Shells Discovery Kit

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

About Gaumer’s Jewelry

Gaumer’s Jewelry in Red Bluff, California has ammonite fossils.


Check out this awesome fossil I got 🙂

I got this awesome fossil called Elimia Tenera. It is from Green River, Wyoming.


Red Bluff Adventures February 2021

Wink has a really cool window display. They are starting to put some spring looking stuff on display.


Wow! It is only February, but the stores on Main Street are starting to look very spring. This is awesome! Yay! I cannot wait for it to be springtime.


I am loving the Mountain Mist display at BABS Bath Shop.


I have not really been to this store much, but I have looked at their pottery and they make awesome mugs. I absolutely love how cool their window display looks.


The Plum Crazy window display looks really cool! Wow!


Bath salts from BABS Bath Shop.


Wink has changed their display for Valentine’s Day. It looks awesome! I love how flowy the skirt is on the display figure.

Check out these cool New York City maps inside of Subway. The Subway I am talking about is the place where you can get food inside of Walmart here in Red Bluff.

This is a really cool map. I absolutely love this. I can see a map of the Bronx. I have not been to the Bronx, but I have been to Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.


This section shows the borough, Queens.


I see Queens and Brooklyn in this section.