Full Sail Portfolio, Google Drive, Amazon Script

Some day, I would like to teach English in Thailand and one of the sites I found said you needed to have a major in teaching and luckily one of my many majors is in teaching. In 2012 I attended Full Sail University’s Education Media Design and Technology program after I finished my Media Design program. I unfortunately did not keep my portfolio site up so I have had to dig through my things to find some work from the Education Media Design and Technology Program. I found a group project that I did which was a 24 hour video project about the Amazon rain forest. I found the script in Google Drive.AMAZON Script.jpg

I made it in 2013 and it was a fun project. It was a great experience to work with a group that was located all over the world. We used Google drive to collaborate and create a script. I then did the voice over for the video using Garageband and sent it to one of my classmates and she made the video.


Here is the finished video! Make sure to stay for the end and you’ll see my name in the credits!

Here is the entire script:

One of the largest rainforests in the world is the Amazon rainforest! Home to one third of the world species, the Amazon rainforest represents over half of the planet’s remaining rainforests, in its vastly diverse ecosystem. However several harmful factors, threaten the preservation of the rainforest almost everyday. Practices like logging, farming, and hunting can mean devastation to this rainforest. Every year the Amazon rainforest suffers a large loss from deforestation. The losses include loss of plant and animal life and not to mention the pollution that goes on during deforestation. This type of devastation is incredibly harmful to the forest, and also the tribes that live in the rain forest.

So what can we do to help the rainforest from reaching extinction before its too late? The best way to preserve the rainforest is by introducing tourism to the area. The preservation of the rainforest is important because tourism can help the locals of the Amazon rainforest support themselves financially.  Tourism can help raise awareness to the area’s problems and also help preserve the area and minimize damage. Recently, the locals of the Madidi National Park created an Eco lodge called the San Miguel del Bala Ecolodge.

It has had positive effects on the locals and has provided the locals monetary support, as well as carve out and mold their changing identity. The local people who have migrated here from the Andean highlands speak the Quechua language. The oldest and best known is Chalalan Ecolodge in Chalalán on the Tuichi River, a successful community-based enterprise that generates significant economic benefits to indigenous communities.The cultures who find their origin here are the Tacana, the Mosete, the Tsimane and the Ese Ejja, all of which have their own language which pertains to one language group.

The protection and the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest is greatly important to not only the people of the rainforest, but to the entire world. Its a new year, new way to save the rainforest!




More Photoshop Fun

Here are some more of my Photoshop work:










Check out this short video I made that explains how I made the Photoshop Fun images.

Reviews Make a Great Blog Post

One of the reasons you can start a blog is to share your reviews about something. Reviews make great blogs posts. My favorite blogs, Migrationology.com and iLovetypography.com have many review posts. Migrationology.com reviews places to eat all over the world. What makes this blog great are the videos and photos that go along with it so you can really see what the food is like. You can also see the blogger’s expression of how good the food tastes by watching the videos.

iLovetypography.com has many reviews on fonts. This site has become a go to site for graphic designers looking for type ideas. When you go to this blog you can see all sorts of new, up and coming trends of fonts you have never even heard of. When you go to this site you can look at the fonts you like then you can also click on links so you can purchase the font you like.

If you visit my other blog DiligentTraveler, you will find a blog filled with reviews about hotels and restaurants in Davao City. I was not paid for the posts, but there are ways you can get paid to post reviews. I suggest Googling how to get paid for your reviews if you decide to do reviews. The reason people love to read hotel reviews is because they can get a good idea about a hotel or a restaurant from a blog post.

They can learn about the hotel I am writing about by just reading my blog post, viewing the pictures I have posted and viewing my Youtube videos embedded on my blog posts. Below is a video I made of my stay at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City.

I hope you enjoyed my How to Blog Lesson for the day, stay tuned for more lessons.

Photoshop Collages

Graphic design has always been my passion, but during my spare time, I like to create mixed media art.  I typically create paintings and drawings then collage them together using Photoshop.  I also like to collage my photography work to represent an abstract idea.  Here are some examples of my mixed media art work.

These pieces were digitally collaged in Photoshop.  The orange painting is an acrylic painting with a drawing of old headphones collaged on top.  The red painting is a gouache painting with a drawing of a bamboo plant collaged on top.



Here is another collage artwork below. This image is a self portrait I took during my undergrad years at RIT.  I then collaged it with a drawing of flip flops.  I think combining paintings, drawing, and photographs together allows the artist to create artwork that is new and intriguing.


Here is another drawing of a spray bottle, a drawing of a flower, and a gouache painting collage in Photoshop below:


Here is another collage below.  It is a collage of a black and white photograph and a drawing of a perfume.  I also colorized the black and white photograph using the selection tool.


Here is another collage below.  It is a Photoshop collage of an image of a waterfall and a drawing of a wine glass.


Check out this short video I made explaining how I made the Photoshop Collages images.

Posting Tutorials on Your Blog

Everyone loves a good tutorial. I’ve posted tutorials on my blog in the past and they have gotten many views. When posting a tutorial, make sure to clearly outline how to do a certain thing. A good example of a written out tutorial is from my blog post called Polaroid Frame Tutorial.

I write about how to create a Polaroid frame effect for photos. I include images so that the viewer can see how I do photo editing. When doing a tutorial blog post, you can also add a video. Videos are better because you can clearly see each step of the process. Here is a video tutorial example that I included in my blog. It’s a video tutorial on how to use iMovie.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure to make a tutorial post on your blog if it calls for it and of course, be sure to add images and video to help your reader understand the tutorial. View this iLoveTypography post on how to create a font. It’s a good example of what a tutorial blog post should look like. It has great pictures and I like how it outlines the different ways to make a font.