The Birthday Present of Waves and the Sea

For my birthday all I want are the waves of the sea lapping at my feet. A secret rendezvous with me and the sand somewhere behind the palm trees. Me just lying there with my book on the sand, stalling life and seeing page after page of pyramids and history staring back at me.

For life is a lonely battle with the wifi. Slow wifi. No wifi. Life is all about wifi. I want to disconnect. Be one with the sea, the sand, the waves, the sun baking my face to a red crisp pottery.

Today is my birthday and all I wish for are waves and the sea and to see 93, but still be the life of the party. For it is time that is precious, nature that is valuable, and life has to be a beach party. I don’t want to be a fossilized shell when I am 93.

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Reading You A Book By The Ancient Tree

colin brennan horse

To my beautiful daughter,

Someday I would like to take you to this ancient Ceiba tree and read to you The Giving Tree so you can learn about giving. You can learn about all that I will give to you. You will learn that those who love you are the ones who give you lots. You won’t just settle for anyone just because you fancy him like your mom did.

After I tell you the story, I will put you on the horse and let you experience riding a horse for the very first time. You will learn the magic of horses. You will feel the horse’s strength and power. Then you will become a horse rider, riding into the wind, chasing lightnings.

Yours Truly, Daddy Samuel

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Sentenced to Wait for Ten Years


Time is fading. I was promised you would be back. It was just a lie. You’re gone. You still have not returned. It has been ten years.

Perhaps it was an accident. You’re gone. Forever lost.

Time has healed my heart to accept the worst. Just watching the clock now melting. The time now standing still.

Forever you live in my heart.

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Killing My Heart


Where are you now? Wandering aimlessly. Not by my side. Killing my heart.

Or do you wander Earth cause you killed my heart? Tormenting me with thoughts of what could have been. What should have been.

Guilt makes you wander the globe. Trotting from country to country. Going from city to city. Still can’t escape your guilt of having killed my heart.

Thoughts swirl in your head as you float aimlessly in life. Looking for wild horses to tame. Going naturally wild in the desert.

Reflecting for the eternal among the reflections you see in the pool. There it stares back at you. A smile knowing. We were nothing, but we are something.

In your arms I belong. For those are the biggest arms on Earth. Those arms I call home. In I go like a missing jigsaw. Puzzled are you?

Your good mornings are my coffee. Your good nights are kisses to my mind. Blank I go into the night. Only to wake up refreshed with the thoughts of how much I want you.

The photo is by Colin Brennan. Check out This is from his Instagram:

About Audrey Hepburn


I found this awesome Audrey Hepburn painting in Abreeza. The image has been turned black and white except the painting.

Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite actresses of all time. She’s a classic one, but I love her. Her movies are awesome, timeless, and inspiring. The first movie of Audrey Hepburn’s I saw was My Fair Lady. It was funny, the songs were fun, and I loved their costumes. I especially liked the horse racing scene (Ascot Gavotte) and her black and white outfit.

After watching My Fair Lady, I saw many other Audrey Hepburn movies like The Roman Holiday and whatever the Brighton Library had to offer. My other Audrey Hepburn favorite movie is the one everyone loves. It’s called Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The title comes from Audrey having breakfast while window shopping at Tiffany’s a famous jewelry store in New York City. The movie is just so much fun and it’s very intriguing. I also really loved the song Moon River which was from the movie.

Not many Filipinos know about Audrey Hepburn, but when I first arrived in the Philippines in 2015 I saw an Audrey Hepburn painting in Abreeza and I wondered if whoever was going to buy that painting will have seen My Fair Lady or Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Either way, they’ve at least gotten a great painting with an iconic actress on it.

Check out my video about Audrey Hepburn:

I Painted Our Door Again


We were in Italy. You were inside asleep in our room. Our five-year-old daughter was in her bedroom snuggly asleep.

I went to the market. I came home. I went outside and painted a heart on the door.

You opened the door and caught me with the paintbrush. Red paint dripping down my arm. You laughed and said, “That was you who painted our door with a heart in Morocco!”