About Fossils from Gaumers

Beautiful fossils at Gaumers. I went to Gaumers today to check out their fossils. I absolutely love going there because they have awesome displays. Check out some of their fossils.
These ammonite fossils are really cool.

Gaumers is a really cool place in Red Bluff to check out fossils. I saw these ammonite fossils today. I absolutely love them. They are very pretty marine fossils.

Check out all of these beautiful marine fossils.
Here are some information I found online about the ammonite fossils.
Wow! I did not know about all of this! Ammonites are pretty cool!
More cool info about ammonites.

Gaumers has an exhibit that is a dark room filled with fluorescent rocks and minerals. An ultraviolet light makes them glow in the dark.

I absolutely love this! They used to have one of these at the Natural Science Museum in Houston, TX.

Here’s a short article I found online about Fluorescent Minerals.

Very cool!

Check out the awesome fossils you can buy for $0.50 cents each. I got one of each.

Here’s a cool article I found online about Crinoids.

Cool article!
Wow! Cool info!

Plume Agate from Mexico


Check out these awesome plume agates from Mexico.

Recently, I have been going to Gaumer’s Jewelry to take photos of the Noches Dias Plume Agate.

Beautiful Noches Dias Plume Agate from Mexico. I absolutely love these. They are awesome 🙂

Here is some information online about agates.

Here is some information about what Plume Agate is.

Agate is great for balance and well-being.

Here are some screen shots of more agate info online.