Two Quotes of the Day August 6 2018

Here are the quotes of the day:




About Jay Shetty’s Video on the State of Flow and My Cool Cat Painting


Here is my cool cat painting created by me in a state of flow. I got the drawing and painting idea from the Youtube Channel Jan Plans Things. I will link the exact video below. Being in a state of flow is addicting and Jay Shetty explains the state of flow best so watch his video. Then watch my video to get my take on the state of flow.

Jay Shetty’s video on the state of flow:

My video on the state of flow:

Jann Plans Things video where I got the cat idea from:

The next day after I created this blog post I thought I would try to achieve the state of flow again by taking the painting into Illustrator and turning it into a graphic translation and then adding calendar elements into it. Here is the result. I am very happy with it. This was so much fun!


Making A Portfolio

The script:

Making a portfolio does not have to be a long stressful ordeal. It can be a do it for fun once in a while whenever you have time thing. When I was working as a waitress for Janya Thai Delight I created my portfolio bit by bit. I started with taking photos of flowers from the floral company next door called Tehama Floral Company. I bought flowers and I set them up outside and took pictures of them. They were mostly close up pictures. Then I collaged quotes onto my flower photos. Then I created movies about the quotes. Then I added some of my Janya Thai Delight work and New Fortune work into my portfolio and now viola I have a cool portfolio to show my future employers. The key part to creating this portfolio was not being stressed out because I worked on it over time and not all in one week.

I just added to my portfolio whenever I could and now I have a lot of things I can show people if I were to apply for photography jobs or graphic design jobs. The first thing that I focused on was just creating things that I was good at because I have such a wide range of talent and because I went to school initially for photography at Rochester Institute of Technology and then I switched to visual media which is part photo, graphic design, and management. Then I did a media design master of fine arts program at Full Sail University. Media Design trained me in graphic design, specifically rebranding a company. I learned how to research a company, communicate with clients, and team dynamics. I created a rebranding book for Jembetat Café and Gallery. I created logos, taglines, website wireframe, magazine ad campaign, video ad campaign, and much more. Then also I took up Education Media Design and Technology with Full Sail again. Education Media Design and Technology taught me teaching pedagogies and how to best design a lesson plan for classes. I created video tutorials and blogs with tutorials. I also created an action research that taught my students how to use Facebook, Youtube, and WordPress.

Taking pictures of flowers was a simple process. I took photos of flowers and then I edited them and then I posted them on my blog and then I created Ciao Means Hello Art Gallery on Facebook where I have been trying to sell prints of my flower photographs. I also decided to find a quote online daily and then post it on my Facebook and then I created a live video using Facebook about the quote. I interpreted the quote and explained how the quote pertained to my life and I also talked about my past experiences.

When I was in high school I had collected quotes and I also had friends who collected quotes and we often talked about quotes and analyzed them that is why I created the quotes videos. When I was in middle school actually I asked for Bartlett’s book of quotations for Christmas because I needed it for school, but also so I could look through quotes. Although I did not get deep into collecting quotes until high school. I had a friend in high school who always talked about the quote, “This too shall pass.” And often times when I had a challenging class or sports practice I would think this too shall pass. I was very thankful for her for teaching me that quote and so I thought why not get my favorite quotes out there to the masses and see if my videos could be of interest as well as helpful to my audience.

After I created the quote videos on Facebook, I recorded the audio of the video. I then transcribed the audio. Then I rewrote what I transcribed into something that flowed better. Then I decided to create a script out of the rewritten transcription. Then I gathered up some photos to go along with the script and I made a little short movie on iMovie and then voila I had cool short movies. I also decided to create my own quote photos later on. I took my photos into Adobe Illustrator and put the quote text on top. I got to create cool photos with quotes portfolio out of those so that was fun.

After having created things I was good at I also decided to do things I have not done lately, but I used to be good at. One of those is creating logos. I scanned in my old stationery and business card portfolios with logos I had created. Recently, I decided to recreate the logos. I have here Blue Heron Publications and Pauline Reese. I also recreated the stationery and business cards.

The next thing I am going to do that I was good at is designing a layout for a website. I am not going to create it just yet using Dreamweaver, but I will create a plan for my own portfolio website. I have just written out the details in my sketchbook and I will create wireframes for them and much more soon. In a few months or so when I have time I will work with Dreamweaver with getting a working website.

I would also like to do some things with Flash because I have used Flash before to create little animations, but right now Flash does not work on my computer. Maybe I need a new version of Flash. I will figure that out in the next few months.

I would also like to create better typography portfolio and work closely with text. I would like to also explore creating a grid layout portfolio and much more.

The next step for me as far as creating a portfolio is trying stuff that I have not done before and I would like to see how it goes. I want to try basic coding and then also working with Adobe After Effects.

Creating a portfolio does not have to be hard or burdensome. Just try to work on it bit by bit. First focus on creating things that you are good at. Then focus on creating things you used to be good at. Then focus on creating something more challenging and explore things you have not done before. That is it for my video. Thanks for watching.



I Found Out You Loved Me When

The script to the movie:

Couples often times have dinner and they sit around and talk about what they did during the day. Then they talk about what they are going to do tomorrow. Their conversations are often about tasks.

Couples are busy and they have their daily routines to attend to. They have projects to work on. They have their kids’ schedules to plan.

Sometimes couples should take some time to talk about the times they found that their significant other did something special for them and they felt loved by that simple gesture that their significant other did. You can start your conversation with when was the time you found out I loved you?

Couples could talk about the very first time they found out their significant other loved them. It could be something simple like, “I found out you loved me when you cooked me my favorite dinner.” Then the other can reply with, “I found out you loved me when…”

From this conversation you can talk about other times your significant other did things that you appreciated. This type of talk lets the other know that you appreciate the little things you do for them. It can open up the conversation and you could laugh about those things that happened long ago or things that happened recently.

This kind of conversation can re-ignite the passion you have for each other. Now that you know your loved one appreciates what you do, think of other things you can do to show your loved one you love him. It can be something simple like getting him an espresso or whatever his favorite drink may be from Starbucks.

Showing your love does not have to be expensive. It can be writing a poem for your loved one. It can be creating artwork for him. Be creative. You have so many things you can do and it will only take a little time out of your day.

I hope this video was helpful. Thanks for watching.

Say I Love You

The movie script:

Hello Therese Lawlor here so quote of the day is, “One simple I love you can change everything for the better.” I really think that is an awesome quote because when someone says I love you it does change things for the better. When someone tells you that he loves you that’s like not just you know oh I like you and you’re my crush. It’s like he really cares about me. It’s awesome because those words have a lot more meaning to it.

The words I love you can really cheer someone up so if your significant other is angry or sad let him know you love him if you really do love him. It makes such a big difference and it’s so easy to say. It’s just, “I love you.” I had a relationship in the past where an “I love you” saved it. I remember almost breaking up with someone because he was leaving the country. I was like so sad at the time, but when he told me he loved me I knew we could make our relationship work. I knew he loved me before he even told me he loved me, but when he communicated it, it really cemented it in my mind.

The words “I love you” carry weight for people because it might be ingrained in us as humans to accept that as something really meaningful. It might be because it is ingrained in us from the romance movies we watch where the lead characters tell each other “I love you.”

Make sure when you tell someone I love you to back it up with your actions. You can’t tell someone you love him, but not be there for him when they really need you. Make sure to respect your significant other’s wishes. You can’t be telling him I love you, but you are still going on dates with your ex-boyfriend.

Loving actions toward your significant other communicate I love you, but you must also actually say it. A good example is you can make your boyfriend his favorite dinner and during dinner tell him you love him. You could get your boyfriend flowers and then tell him you love him. There are many things you can do. Find out what your significant other really wants and do that for him and then make sure to tell him I love you and really mean it. That is it for my video. Thanks for watching bye.

Why We Take Photographs


The script:

Hello, Therese Lawlor here so for the quote of the day here on Ciao Means Hello Art Gallery is, “We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.” It’s by Ralph Hattersley. I really like this quote because we’re all photographers and we start out by making photographs of our lives and that helps us understand what our life is all about.

When you first start out taking photographs, you typically take photos of your family, friends, pets, and your surroundings. You start taking photos locally. You take photographs of what you have going on and you bring your camera around and record your daily life.

The first time I got a camera was when I was eight years old. My dad gave me a pink Vivitar camera that I used to take photos of my cousins, my aunts, my dogs, my grandma, my grandpa, and my nanny. I also took photographs of my birthday celebrations, going to the beach and later going to Manila when I went to process my passport so I could go to America. While I was in Manila, I remember my mom and I took a trip to Jose Rizal’s house and got photos of his house and I still have those photographs to this day,

Once I arrived in America, I took photos of my trip to Hawaii to see my cousins. Then once I arrived in Houston, I took photographs of my family and friends. During middle school, I would have sleepovers with friends and we would play dress up and take photos of each other. We had a great time and I will always cherish those photographs. When I moved to Rochester, I took lots of photos of the parks there. I have many photographs of Highland Park during the Lilac Festivals and I also have lots of photos of Mendon Ponds.

During the summer of my junior year in high school, I took a photography class at Rochester Institute of Technology and began taking black and white portraits of my friends and my little brother. Some of my photographs from that class won an award. I absolutely loved that class because it was my very first official photography class and I learned darkroom techniques.

When I was an undergraduate I decided to major in photography and then I later switched to visual media. I took photographs for projects, but my favorite photographs were the ones I took during spring break, Thanksgiving break, and vacations to Florida.

Last year, I went to Canada and I took my best photograph ever there. I took a photograph of my friend having coffee and texting in Barnes and Nobles. It is such a simple photograph, but I love it. I got to capture a really simple moment, but it just looks so awesome in black and white. Sometimes photos turn out great even though it’s just a simple snapshot of your life and nothing about the photo has been staged or lighted.

I also went to the Rochester Institute of Technology campus with my dad last summer and I got to take photographs of the campus. I have wonderful photos of the Golisano Institute for Sustainability.

The building is beautiful. There are plants on the wall and on the rooftop. You can see the beautiful design of the building. These photos were taken with my Samsung tablet and I turned them black and white. They look gorgeous in black and white.

I have many photos of RIT that summer and you can see how complete the campus is. There is a Barnes and Nobles, there is a Starbucks, you have a Java Wally’s café to go to, and much more. Java Wally’s has artworks all over the walls. I also got to take loads of photos of the Bevier Gallery at RIT and you can see some of the artworks that was on display.

During my undergrad years, I spent lots of time on the RIT campus because everything was there. You had places to eat, a gym, the skating rink, what more can you want? After I graduated from RIT, I continued to eat lunches there. RIT has a restaurant called Salsaritas and they have the best tacos. RIT also has a Global Village where you can buy exotic foods like Mochi balls and green tea KitKats.

Lots of these photos I have shown you were just taken for fun and usually with a tablet yet they are so interesting. The photos help me learn about my life and it also lets you, the viewer get a peek at my world.

Alright, thanks for watching. Bye.