Red Bluff Adventures February 2021

Wink has a really cool window display. They are starting to put some spring looking stuff on display.


Wow! It is only February, but the stores on Main Street are starting to look very spring. This is awesome! Yay! I cannot wait for it to be springtime.


I am loving the Mountain Mist display at BABS Bath Shop.


I have not really been to this store much, but I have looked at their pottery and they make awesome mugs. I absolutely love how cool their window display looks.


The Plum Crazy window display looks really cool! Wow!


Bath salts from BABS Bath Shop.


Wink has changed their display for Valentine’s Day. It looks awesome! I love how flowy the skirt is on the display figure.

Check out these cool New York City maps inside of Subway. The Subway I am talking about is the place where you can get food inside of Walmart here in Red Bluff.

This is a really cool map. I absolutely love this. I can see a map of the Bronx. I have not been to the Bronx, but I have been to Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.


This section shows the borough, Queens.


I see Queens and Brooklyn in this section.

Red Bluff Adventures January 2021

Check out my new Red Bluff Adventure pics.

Check out some of the collages I made recently.

Check out the new jewelry I got from Kanela’s Cafe.

Check out this awesome pic of the sunrise at Red Bluff Sycamore Grove.

Check out these old photographs I found on the wall at a grocery store here in Red Bluff.

Check out my new light blue diamond-shaped earrings from Kanela’s Cafe.

Check out this beautiful flower I took a pic of at Home Depot yesterday. Honeysuckles are arching shrubs or twining vines in the family Caprifoliaceae, native to northern latitudes in North America and Eurasia.

These pics were taken at the Hampton Inn and Suites here in Red Bluff.

I think these white strawberry seeds are so cool! I found them at Home Depot.

The white Carolina strawberry.


The back of the white Carolina strawberry package.


Here’s some info on the Strawberries “White Carolina.”

I just started seeing white strawberry products at the store. Check out this white strawberry shampoo and white strawberry soap. So cool!

I went looking for a fruit stand recently and I found the Burlison Fruit stand. They have awesome jams, honey, fruits, and vegetables.

The Burlison fruit stand has some awesome veggies and beans.

Check out the Burlison fruit stand squashes. I absolutely love squashes.

Yummy fruit from the Burlison fruit stand.


I absolutely love the Tehama Floral Company t-shirts.

Before I left to volunteer and do my TEFL class in Costa Rica, I decided to buy Tehama Floral Company shirts. They were awesome. I loved wearing them all the time.


Check out the Tehama Floral Company flowers.

Frontier Village looks so cool. I absolutely love their buildings.

Check these antique farming machinery displayed near the coffee shop at the Frontier Village.


Check out all of the different type of Morning Glory flowers there are at the Walamrt store. I absolutely love the Blue Picotee and the Red Picotee. I have not planted Morning Glory flowers like those.


Tie Dye Project Resources

Check out my latest tie dye project. It was from the Paradise Punch kit. I also made a matching bandana. I absolutely love this outfit 🙂

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to do more posts about tie dye. Here is my latest project above. I create a bullseye type tie dye. It turned out great! I am absolutely loving tie dyeing shirts and I am hoping to do more soon and then eventually start selling them. I recently made a video just about color mix. Check out the video below.

Also, check out this video below. I watched this when I was first learning how to create tie dye t-shirts and it is very helpful.

Here is the Paradise Punch kit I bought from Walmart. It is an awesome kit.  absolutely love the colors and how my t-shirt turned out.

Michelle Obama Fashion Part 2

Today I am still studying Michelle Obama’s fashion choices and I have been inspired by her choice of clothing. I think she is a great person to study. Because of her choice of clothing, I have been inspired to create red tie dye shirts and blue, green, and white tie dye shirts. I would also like to create my own fabrics using batik painting or painting on fabrics. Here is a short video I made using photos I found online of Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama Fashion

I am a big fan of fashion and so I wanted to highlight how important fashion is by talking about fashion icons like Michelle Obama. Here are some examples of her awesome fashion sense while Barack Obama was the President at the White House. Here is a short video about my favorite outfits of Michelle Obama’s. I will also be making a video of me talking about her fashion sense and how beautifully patterned fabrics play a large part in her beautiful style.

Here is a video of me reading an article about Michelle Obama’s style:

Here is more about Michelle Obama’s fashion sense: