Tehama Floral Company Flowers Video and Flower Pics With Graphics

Check out the video I made about the different flowers I had taken pics of from Tehama Floral Company.

Check out these awesome flower pics with text on them! I absolutely love them!



Rainbow Roses Pics

Check out my rainbow roses pics from Tehama Floral Company! I absolutely loved these flowers! I am so glad Tehama Floral Company suggested these roses. I am so lucky to have these beautiful pics!

Yay! Tehama Floral Company used my rainbow rose pic! I love it!


Floral Arrangement Pics

Check out my floral arrangement pics from Tehama Floral Company.



How to Blog Videos

I just made a video to go with my How to Blog Blog Post.

I just made a video to go with my Reviews Make a Good Blog Post post.


I Am Me and You Are You Poem Written By Me Turned Into a Movie

I Am Me and You Are You poem by me turned into a movie with the help of Sam.


Putting On MakeUp Video

Am playing around with video now. Here’s a video I made titled Putting On My MakeUp. It is super short. I played around with short clips. Then added short sound bites. Then voila! My new artsy movie. It’s my most creative editing and sound editing video ever!! Hahahahaha! You will be like, “What did I just watch? this video is super awesome!”

By the way I use Fenty primer and it is awesome. It’s one of my most favorite products ever. Check it out!



My Roses Pics! Roses from Tehama Floral Company!

Check out my roses pics! I got the roses from Tehama Floral Company for free! Love them!

Black and white version of a rose.