The Must Have Coach Travel Accessories


Traveling can be hectic, difficult, and include lots of walking so when traveling one must have the best travel bag, shoes, and wallet. I have picked the perfect travel accessories from These accessories are must haves for travel in large cities like New York City, Paris, or Milan. My picks are fashionable, versatile, provides convenience, and most importantly they provide comfort and ease when traveling.

For the bag, I picked the Chelsea Hobo 32 in Polished Leather. It is the perfect bag because you can carry it in two ways. You can wear it over the shoulder, close and snug to you or you can use the longer strap and carry it as a crossbody. Crossbody bags are great for travel because your hands are free to carry shopping bags, camera, and phone. The style is hobo chic and can go with casual or semi formal travel clothing. I chose black because the color will match many other colors. The bag is priced at $325, a great bargain for a high-end brand bag.


I chose the comfortable classic sneakers for shoes called C101 Low Top Sneakers. They are the perfect travel shoes because they are great for walking long distances. The leather gives it a sophisticated look and it goes perfectly with the Chelsea Hobo bag. The shoes will go great with jeans or black slacks. The shoes are priced at an affordable $295.


Now for the perfect wallet, I chose the Accordion Zip Wallet in Polished Pebble Leather with Willow Floral. I chose this wallet because it matches perfectly with the shoes and bag and it is an accordion zip meaning your things will not be in danger of falling out because it zips all the way around. It is a large wallet so it can contain your must haves for travel such as IDs and credit cards. The wallet can fit 12 credit cards and you can store your bills lengthwise. It also has a zipped coin compartment. Another feature of the wallet that you will love is it can fit an iPhone 7 or a Samsung S7 Edge. The wallet is priced at $275, a great buy.

Check out the Chelsea Hobo bag, C101 Top Sneakers, and Accordion Zip Wallet on These three picks will ensure your travel runs smoothly while you looking stylish. Coach also has other options for a crossbody bag, sneakers, and accordion zip wallet that you may fall in love with.

Love’s Squinting Smile


Love smiled with a squint
When she smiled I thought of how much I loved her
Then one day when she smiled I thought of Grace
The next day I still saw Grace when love smiled
To this day I see Grace in love’s smile
I wonder if Grace knows
If Grace knew she would love me

The image is an Alexander Mijares painting. Check out his Instagram:

The Kiss That Was


© ‘Abstruse PSYCHE

Published: November 2007

have you ever had a kiss
that took you on a bliss
and left you with shaking knees
the one you’d not dare miss

so intense it made you drift
a fall you’d not care lift
and your lot that is to shift
seems to budge in a swift

lose a grip, never a bit
those lips they seem to fit
and with less than a heartbeat
your souls are apt to meet


Prisoner Of My Mind


© Ivy Frost

Published: August 2009

Imaginary world where I don’t belong
The only thing that keeps me here is you
Kissing me softly holding me tightly
Prisoner of my mind

Racing thoughts through my head
Un-controlling feelings that bind my soul
Release me
Untie me
Yet never let go

Why do I stay where I don’t belong
Why do I hold on
These thoughts are so real
I cant tell my own reality anymore
You consume me
Control me
Take me

Imaginary world where I don’t belong
The only thing that keeps me here is you
Kissing me softly holding me tightly
Prisoner of my mind

I cant let go of your lingering touch
For even in reality I feel you there
Consuming me
Controlling me
Taking me
Desperation of the mind
Prisoner in my own right
Reality is a burden I cannot bare

Passion consumes me
The thoughts consume me
You consume me
Release me
Untie me
Yet never let go
For I am your prisoner
Prisoner of the mind


There’s No Obscurity


© Astrid Sardinas

Published: May 2009

As I gaze into his liquid gold eyes,
Poetry radiates from his warm soul
His lips brush mine and I soar through the skies
Passion seizes me; I loose my control

An amalgam of thoughts pierce through my mind
There is love, trust, yet I feel petrified
I know destiny; our fate’s intertwined
But what if he’s a dream, one I’m denied?

A thousand years I could spend with those suns
Amid his presence I’ve conquered all realms
I’ve witnessed beauty that forever stuns
And have basked beneath his forest of elms

Then and there, I grasp truth with clarity
He’s in my arms; there’s no obscurity


Love In Your Eyes


© Youseline Bazil

Published: September 2008

When I am looking into your eyes,
I see all the loves you have for me
I see in your eyes you care for me a lot
I see your love for me is true
And you will do whatever it takes to have me in your life

When I am looking into your eyes,
I see your love for me is unconditional
Your eyes tell me you will never leave me
You will always stay by my side
To protect and cherish me

When I am looking into your eyes,
I see with you everything is possible
I see in your eyes your love for me is everlasting
Your eyes tell me you really, really love me


Love At First Sight


© Danielle C. Thomas

Published: February 2006

When first we touched,
My heart flew high,
On gossamer wings through a cloudless sky.
They said it was built upon a lie.
They told me my feelings would surely fade.
Passion would flare and foes would be made.
Can you not put the pass behind?
True love can change a rivers course,
Or pierce the strongest vault with ease.
True love can turn coal into gold,
Or tame the tempest to a balmy breeze.
Quite some time has passed since then:
People no longer criticize,
For now they see that truth exists,
Where once there might have been only lies.
Still my feelings are the same today,
As they were on that very first,
For when we touch, my heart still flies, on gossamer wings through cloudless skies.


Hopelessly In Love


© Keith Hank

Published: July 2010

Before I met you,
I felt that I couldn’t love anyone,
That nobody would be able to fill the void in my heart,
But that all changed when I met you…
Then I came to realize you were always on my mind.
You’re funny and sweet,
You make me laugh and smile,
You take away all my anger and sadness,
You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,
More beautiful than any flower that I have ever seen,
You made me weak when I talked to you,
Then I started to write poems about you,
Now, I have come to realize that I am Hopelessly in love with you.


If I Thought


© Dana Schwartz

Published: February 2015

If I thought for just one moment that this would be my last breath,
I’d tell you I’ll love you forever, even beyond death.
If I thought for just one moment that your face would be the last I’d see,
I’d take a million pictures and save them just for me.
If I thought for just one moment that your voice would be the last I’d hear,
I’d listen attentively and promise not to shed a tear.
If I thought for just one moment that your touch would be the last I’d feel,
I’d embrace you and know that this has all been real.
If I thought for just one moment that my heart would beat its last beat,
I’d thank the Lord for allowing us to meet.


Thanks to My Strict Parents


I have to say I felt like I always had strict parents and I was a little bit, maybe slightly, kind of sort of a wee bit disappointed about having strict parents, but I have to say now that I am an adult I am grateful I had strict parents. To begin with, I had to go to bed at 9 pm. Yes, 9 pm was bed time for awhile so I could not watch the 10 pm news so I wasn’t scared of the world. I didn’t know about the bad neighborhoods near me in Houston so I happily wandered all over Houston. Yes sir I was in the major league of riding bikes all over Fondren and Mapplewood area. I was a pro at the whole let me just see what’s on this street.

Also, a 9 pm bedtime meant I had a lot of free time making artwork in my room, reading, and basically keeping myself entertained until I fell asleep at midnight so that meant I learned a lot. I read lots of magazines and then later books once I got used to reading English. I loved cutting out my magazines and pasting them on white paper and making my first graphic design pieces you could say. At an early age, I loved font and logos and then later I was finally allowed to get my first ever magazine subscription which was to the holy and sacred Seventeen magazine where I was first introduced to fashion photography. And of course later on in life, I got a Vogue subscription and that magazine put me on a fast track to the high life as a Visual Media major at Rochester Institute of Technology. Visual Media is a major that combined photography, graphic design, and management.

One summer during middle school dad grounded me for a week for not reading a book all summer so I read The Firm by John Grisham and right then I wanted to become a lawyer and devoured John Grisham books. I even visited Tulane in the summer of 7th grade. Once I got started with reading the books around the house I couldn’t stop reading because I ended up reading books like The Prince of Tides. If you don’t know what that book is about Google it and make your child read it because then they won’t stop reading. Because they’ll be like those books, they are weird! They are weirder and more entertaining than chatting with friends on the phone or watching TV. I’m joking please don’t make your child read The Prince of Tides it’s actually R rated, but you get my drift. I was like if this book is so interesting and it keeps me up all night reading what do those other books on the shelves have in their pages?

Okay enough with being silly. Really thanks to my parents for putting me in sports. I got into gymnastics and landed on my head trying to do a back flip, but I had a lot of fun doing it. I also got into swimming for the Mapplewood Olympics team, just kidding. But I did swim for an hour straight Monday through Friday at 7 am at the Mapplewood pool for about four summers. I did volleyball from 6th grade until junior year in high school. I played basketball for the St. Tomas More Parish. I did cheerleading for one season freshman year in high school. And by the way, thanks so much to my parents for driving me to all of those sporting events. They were the best times of my childhood and I could not have gone to them without my parents helping me, cheering for me, video taping my games, and all around just being there on the bleachers making me feel special.

And of course, I’ve got to thank mom for getting me into art. She got me started on water color painting when I was in 4th grade with a famous water colorist and author Hilary Page. Then starting in 9th grade my mom took me to Rochester Institute of Technology to my first ever college drawing classes. Yes! I actually did start going to college in 9th grade for drawing. I took at least three college drawing classes with mom. Then the summer of junior year in high school dad used to take me to my photography class at RIT. So as you can see I have lots to thank them for! All in all my strict parents were great after all.