Certificate in English Language Teaching

I took an online course on how to teach English through Tesol Express.  The course was 160 hours.  I completed it in February 2014.




Names, Names, Names, Names

My name is Marie Therese Alanzado Lawlor. It’s so long because I was born in the Philippines, but in America I just go by Marie Therese Lawlor because Therese Alanzado would not fit in the entry field for middle name.

First Name: Marie

Marie or Maria is the first name for many of the women here in Alanzado side of the family. My grandmother is Maria Clara, my mother is Maria Cecilia and I was made Marie to match Therese. My mom debated between Marie Therese which is more on the French side or Maria Theresa which is more Spanish. My uncle in Cebu is even married to a Maria. I have a first cousin named Ivy Marie. My mom’s two sisters are also Maria. There’s too many Maries and Marias so we do not go by that name.

Middle Name: Therese

That’s the name I go by. When I introduce myself to people outside of my family I introduce myself as Therese so classmates and coworkers call me Therese, but my family has made things more complicated and nicknamed me Ting Ting so I go by Ting Ting at home and to make things fun my cousins are also nicknamed Bing Bing for Ivy, Peng Peng for Penelope so you can see the fun my family has with nicknames.

Second Name: Alanzado

Alanzado is my mother’s maiden name and here in the Philippines family last names are important because here Alanzado means to people Therese has a big farm over there, with a bunch of fruit trees so we can go to her house and ask for durians. She’ll surely have some in stock, which is sort of true. Here it’s important when I want to impress people that my name is Therese Alanzado Lawlor. If you don’t say the Alanzado part they say, “What’s your mom’s last name? Oh that last name yes! You guys have durians!”

Last Name: Lawlor

My mom married my step dad who is American and so I got to go to America and he decided to adopt me so I could get a dual citizenship and be Filipino and American. So last name is Lawlor.

That’s the interesting fact about my name now I hope you all know me better!