The Answers are Within



Therese Lawlor here. I found another great quote. It is, “You can’t teach anybody anything, only make them realize the answers are already inside them.” It’s by Galileo Galilei. When you are faced with questions pertaining to your life, you already know the answer and only you really know the answer.

For example, if you are planning to buy a house. You might have the option to buy a little house for yourself only or you could buy a multi-family house that you could reside in one part and then rent out the other part of the house to a tenant. You might think, well buying a house just for me would be cheap and simple, but if I buy a house that is a multi-family and then rent it I could make some income and get my foot in real estate investing.

You might go ask a friend and present the situation to your friend. Before your friend replies, you might be thinking to yourself please say I should invest in a multi-family. Once you have that thought, you should know the answer. The answer is you want to invest in a multi-family. You have weighed the options and you have leaned towards buying a multi-family. Whatever suggestion your friend may give you, you have a pretty good idea with what it is that you want.

Another example is if you have a decision to make on whether to end a relationship with your boyfriend or not. You go and ask your friend what she thinks. Before she answers you, you think to yourself, please say I should not end this relationship because I actually really love my boyfriend. Well, right then you already know the answer.

Often, we all know the answer to our own questions. You should ask your friend for advice, but know that deep down, you already know what you want. What your friend has to say will be another perspective and it may differ from what you want. Hear out her point of view, but make the decision according to what you know in your heart is the right choice for you.

Sometimes the question might be what should my major in college be? You can go ask your parents and your parents might say you should be a brain surgeon, but you know deep down you would like to be a teacher. You have always had a passion for teaching and you do not think you can go through years and years of school to become a brain surgeon. Hear out what your parents have to say. They have great reasons for you needing to become a brain surgeon but realize that you know you should go to school to become a teacher. Know that that choice will be a better choice for you because it is your calling and you think you are able to complete a degree in teaching. Definitely, do not try to become a brain surgeon because your parents tell you that is what you should do. You could set yourself up for failure and end up wasting time and money.

The lesson is to listen to your inner voice. Listen to your heart. You know what is best. You can make the right decision on your own. That is it for my video. Thanks for watching.


Become a Diamond


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Hello Therese Lawlor here so another quote of the day is, “A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure and so are you.” It is a quote by Henry Kissinger. To me what that quote means is you become a diamond when you do well under pressure. If you’re in school and you have tasks and projects and it’s finals you just have to prioritize what it is that you need to do first. Make a list of things that you need to do and organize the list from most important at the top to the least important at the bottom. If the task is a difficult one, then make a list that has written at the top, the things you can do and then the things you need help with written on the bottom of the list.

When you create a list of tasks that go from most important tasks to least important tasks then you can mark them off one by one as you get them done so you can see you have made progress. You have to keep yourself going and keep telling yourself, “I have 10% done, I have 20% done, I have 30% done, I have 50% done, I am halfway to my goal of completing this task.”

If you create a list of tasks that are difficult and you have listed them in order of what you are able to do up at the top and what you need help with at the bottom then you can start to be able to visualize possibly completing the task. You already know after you have created the list that some parts you can do. Now, you also know that you need help. Once you realize you need help, seek help. Perhaps your friends or family members can help you. A great example is if you are doing a photography project and you need help with the 4 by 5 camera and you are unfamiliar with the 4 by 5 camera, ask yourself, “Do I have a friend that can help me operate the 4 by 5 camera?”

Asking for help when you need it is part of doing well under pressure. Getting extra help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign that you are clever and you can figure out how to get around obstacles. Sometimes when you get help you can have that other brain that is helping you with the project that is not operating under pressure like your brain is and can think clearer. Having that clearer point of view around might be helpful to you because a clearer perspective might be able to find better answers to problems. It is great to have a friend who is not panicking around you when you are trying to complete a project because that friend can perhaps guide you and help you achieve better lighting when you are doing a photo shoot, for example.

Remember when you are under pressure, you must turn into a diamond. The best way to turn into a diamond is by creating a list, prioritizing, and then seeking help if needed. That is it for my quote of the day. I hope this was helpful. Thanks for watching. Bye-bye.


Toxic Relationships



Hello Therese Lawlor here so the quote of the day is, “Difficulty does not leave you until you learn from it.” This is a great quote that can be applied to relationships. Sometimes when you are in a relationship you learn that certain relationships are not good for you because they are difficult relationships. In the case of a difficult relationship, hardship will not leave until you learn from it and leave the person.

An example might be you are in an abusive relationship with your boyfriend, but you do not leave your boyfriend because you rely on him to take care of you and he fulfills your emotional needs. In a case where it is an abusive relationship physically or mentally, you have to learn to leave that boyfriend.

You have to question yourself, “Why am I in this relationship? What is keeping me with him?” Your answer might be, “He pays for my apartment, food, and clothing.” Another answer you might have is, “He loves me. I need him because he loves me so much.” Sometimes you even convince yourself, “He loves me so much that that is why he is so jealous and becomes mentally abusive and/or physically abusive when he gets jealous.”

Once you find your answers within yourself then you will be able to think of other ways you can supply what you need other than relying on the abusive boyfriend. For example, if the abusive boyfriend is someone that helps you pay for your apartment, food, and clothing, you have to realize that maybe you can get a job and support yourself. If you cannot fully support yourself then perhaps you can find government assistance like food stamps and so on. You can even ask your family to help you and borrow some money from them. You have to figure out all of your options and see what you can do for yourself. It will not be an easy task, but it is a step by step process and the first part to completing independence from your abusive boyfriend is by figuring out why you need him.

You can also seek help from counselors. There are programs that are government funded like Empower Tehama that can help you leave your abusive relationship. They can help you through the entire process and you will not feel so alone.

If you rely on your boyfriend for love, ask yourself is there someone else that can love you and deserves your love. Do you have close friends you can turn to for emotional support? Do you have family members that you can talk to and spend time with that will be able to help you feel loved?

You have to realize that difficulty will not leave you until you learn and leave the toxic relationship. The whole process of leaving an abusive relationship may take a long time, but realizing that you need to leave that relationship is a key step in finding your independence. I hope this was a helpful video. Thanks for watching. Bye.


Do What’s Possible Video


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Hello Therese Lawlor here so the quote of the day is, “Start by doing what’s necessary then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” It is a quote by St. Francis of Assisi. This is a great quote because it talks about prioritizing your tasks by doing what’s necessary then going and doing what is possible then all of the sudden, viola you have done the impossible.

My best examples are my senior year in college at Rochester Institute of Technology and my Media Design graduate program at Full Sail University. When I was at RIT, I was a visual media major, which is a combination of photography, graphic design, and management. I remember during the end of my senior year, I had final tests and final projects. The end of the year seemed impossible with all of those tasks to complete.

I started breaking down what I needed to do and I created a list. I came to a conclusion that I had to study for my final tests first because they were scheduled before the final projects were due. Studying for the final tests was a must so I put that in priority. Afterward, I worked on my final projects, which were graphic design and photography projects. The final projects were easier to do and it was not an impossible task. The outcome of all of the hard work for the tests and the final projects was the completion of my senior year and I graduated.

If you had told me during my freshman year at RIT all that I needed to do in order to complete my four-year degree, I would have told you, “That is completely impossible.” When you break it all down step-by-step and doing what is necessary then what is possible then the whole task does not seem so impossible.

Another great example was the completion of my Masters of Fine Arts in Media Design. Media Design was an online graduate program at Full Sail University. The final project was to redesign a company. I ended up choosing Jembetat Café and Gallery to rebrand and the whole rebranding process seemed like an impossible task.

During the first month of the Media Design program, we were given examples of other students’ final projects, which were rebranding books. I remember looking at the example books and thinking how am I ever going to get this done. Luckily it was not an impossible task and Full Sail University guides you through the entire process in completing a rebranding book.

Every month, we had a class that helped create little bits and pieces that would go into the rebranding book. I remember starting out with researching the company for one class, then I created taglines in another class, then I designed the logo in another class, then the ad campaigns in another class, then a website in another class, then a video advertisement in another class and much more. A few months into the Media Design program I got the hang of things and I knew it would not be an impossible task to complete a rebranding book. I absolutely love the book I created during that program and I would not have been able to create an entire book if the tasks were not broken down step by step.

The next time you are faced with what seems like an impossible task, remember to take a breath. Then make a list of things that need to be done. Prioritize and then start little at a time completing your tasks then suddenly you will find yourself doing the impossible. That is it for my video. Thanks for watching.

Photography is a Universal Language



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Hello Therese Lawlor here so here is another quote for today. “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world.” That is a really great quote by Bruno Barbey because photographs say a thousand words. You can get so much from a photograph.

The newspapers for example, they publish them with photographs and if you were in a foreign country and you picked up a newspaper and you couldn’t read it, the best thing to do would be to look at a photograph. Sometimes you can guess what’s going on if you know what’s in the photograph and so that’s why I think photography is really important. When taking photographs make sure that your photograph says everything you want it to say. Annie Leibovitz’s portrait photographs of famous people are the best examples. She does a great job speaking to the audience using photography. She has taken many photos of famous people in their homes and she gets them in their way of life.

I love this one photograph by Annie Leibovitz of Kim Kardashian in her home with Kanye West and her baby. Kim is posing with her baby and she’s taking a selfie of her with the baby. Meanwhile, Kanye is taking a picture of Kim taking a selfie with the baby. I love this photograph because it says so much about the Kardashians and how elegant their home is. It shows Kim as a loving mom and Kanye as the loving father who is capturing a moment of Kim snuggling with the baby. They basically have their element going for them and they are in their house and that’s what life is like for the Kardashians.

You can tell a lot to people using photography. If you wanted to do a portrait of me, you might want to pose me at Janya Thai Delight while I am waitressing. You might want to show the beer that I serve in the background so you can tell I am at a restaurant and that I am a waitress there.

When you’re doing photography use it as a language to talk to people and that language that you use in your photography is something that any person can understand. Make sure it is clear and it says what you want it to say. A set of photographs I have that say a lot are my photographs that I took when I was stuck in Japan because my flight was delayed. My flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Narita, Japan had problems and so I ended up in Narita, Japan overnight and the next day I took the bus to Aeon mall.

These photographs that I took say so much about Japan. Here are some photos that I took. Here are photos of kimonos I took while I was at Aeon Mall. Kimonos are Japanese traditional clothing. You can see they’re gorgeous. Kimonos come in many colors. The different colors are worn in different occasions like the white ones are worn during weddings.

Then I have photographs of the hotel I stayed at which was the Radisson in Narita. That was provided by the airline and you can see it’s a very sophisticated looking hotel. It’s beautifully decorated inside. They’ve got awesome unique light fixtures. Then there’s the photographs I took from inside the bus. It’s the road in Narita and there’s Japanese writing on the road. Then I was on the highway and you can see I’m going over a bridge and I’m headed somewhere. These photos say a lot about Narita and my adventure.

I also took a picture of the setting outside the bus and you can see the trees of Japan. Some of it is bamboo. Then there’s a photograph that I took of this candy shop at the mall. It has Japanese signs on the candy display. The photo looks fun.

As you can see from these pictures you can infer lots of things about Japan just from looking at the photos. If I were to show these to people in the Philippines who don’t understand English, even if I didn’t say anything about the photographs, they would be able to understand what the photos were about. They would know it’s about my trip to Japan and that I was in a bus headed to the mall, then I explored the mall. They would see that Narita is a beautiful city. These photos are great examples of why photography is so important and it’s a great field to go into if you want to share your story, share your journey, and captivate your audience. That is it thanks for watching. Bye.

The Difference in My East Coast Smile Video


You can’t ever just make me smile like this. I have no other photos when I am smiling like this. It’s just so natural. It’s not too smiley. It’s not “look at me I’m beautiful smile.” It’s not “look at me I’m sexy smile.” It’s not a smile trying to get your attention. It’s shy.

It’s shy cause I feel something that I have never felt before. I am happy for once. I am loving where I am. I could care less with what’s going on around me. I am free. I feel loved. I am loved. It’s all I want.

Your First 10,000 Photographs Are Your Worst




I have a quote for today it is, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” It’s by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Basically, what that means is that your first 10,000 photographs are not going to be as good as the photographs that you take after you’ve taken 10,000 photographs because you really get good at taking photographs by repeating that over and over again and going through your work and looking at them and picking out what’s good. Not only do you have to take 10,000 photographs, but you have to be able to pinpoint which ones are good photographs and why they’re good photographs.

Take at least 10,000 photographs as soon as you can so that you can have the practice. Practice makes perfect as they say and it’s true with photography as well. The Beatles were very good at playing music because before they were famous and had really great albums and had great music videos and had awesome concerts they played in a nightclub called The Cavern in Liverpool 275 times. They played there for many many hours and they just kept doing that over and over again. Finally, they perfected their music and style and they were able to then be ready for the next phase of their music career, which was being one of the greatest music bands that everyone has ever known about. I mean we all know who The Beatles are.

They used to be so popular. The whole world loved the Beatles. They became a phenomenon. The reason is because they were good at what they were doing, which was playing music and they got good at that because of thousands of hours of practice. That’s how you’re going to get good at photography.

Practice, practice, practice. I don’t really use lighting or flash at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. I highly suggest you do work with lighting equipment. The more you do that the better you’ll get and that’s the key to success in photography and just like with anything you’ll master that. A good example of practice making perfect is my job as a waitress, for me, it is so easy now after having been there for eight months.

I made it to eight months. Yay! I started out carrying my tray with two hands. I always had to carry the tray with two hands and by now, by my eighth month, I can carry the tray with one hand if I’m not carrying anything too heavy. That’s because of practice. I can balance it well now. I can remember the different types of food and I don’t have any mess ups when I’m taking orders.

I now know what to ask for. For example, what type of meat the customer would like to go along with certain items on the menu. I know that certain things might be a little bit on the spicy side so I make sure to tell people that. I know what dishes people are going to love. I know what to suggest now. Barbecue pork, everyone loves that. Basil seafood, everyone loves that. I love Larb, but I can’t tell everybody to eat Larb because that may not be their taste palette because of the fish sauce, but a lot of people do like Larb. People have tried it and they end up liking Larb so that is something that I sometimes suggest.

I also know what brands of beer to suggest. I always tell them about Singha, which is the favorite brand. Customers ask for the types of beer we have and since they have come to a Thai restaurant, I suggest they try our two Thai beers, which are Singha and Chang. I know they might like to have a more quote on quote Thai experience so why not add Thai beer in the mix. I also tell our customers about our Lao beer, which is BeerLao. Singha, Chang, and BeerLao have now become our customer’s first choice of beer when they come in.

Little things like the Janya Thai Delight dishes and exotic beer I just know off the top of my head and it’s very automatic. I didn’t think I would ever get to master waitressing at Janya Thai Delight. Waitressing is actually very difficult and I have always had a hard time waitressing in the past. I’ve waitressed at other places before, but the easiest time I’ve had with waitressing has been at Janya Thai Delight because I have been there for eight months and I do it all day every single day except Mondays so I have gotten good at it. Usually, I waitress from open until close so I have logged my many hours of practice.

The other thing that I really got good at was Photoshop. I got really good at Photoshop because my senior year in college I spent the whole year playing with Photoshop. It is all about practice and you can also learn how to take good portraits with practice so you’ll know what to tell people when posing them. I did portrait photography the summer of 2005 after I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology. During that time, I learned how to get my subjects to pose with ease. It became fun. I learned when to pose them properly and when to get them to pose on their own and get a more candid shot.

My first portrait photography experience was just taking photographs of my friends. I would get them in a candid shot. I didn’t post them. I just kind of observed them and let them do their own thing. Then I took the photo and it was natural and it looked great because they were smiling really big and I really captured their aura. When you’re doing portrait photography as a product to sell to your customer you can pose those candid looking shots because it’s hard to get the customers you’ve just met to get as relaxed as your friends for a candid shot. Those are some things that you learn over time.

Right now, I am taking photographs of flowers. I’ve gotten good at taking photos of flowers. I work with the lines of the flowers and I do a lot of close-ups and do a lot weird angles and what I have found is that the weird angled photographs that I take I really love because they’re unique. They’re different from other flower photos that I’ve seen. That is it for my video. Go out there and take your 10,000 photographs and more. Thanks for watching. Bye.