Conversational Bisaya 6 More About Food, Beverages, and Spices


The fish is very salty.– Parat kaayo ang isda.

salty– parat


The green mango is very sour.– Aslum kaayo ang manggang hilaw.

sour– aslum

green mango– manggang hilaw

unripened– hilaw

mango– mangga


The banana is very sweet.– Tamis kaayo ang saging.

sweet– tamis

banana– saging


Our food is not tasty.– Dili lami ang atong pagkaun.

not- dili

tasty- lami


I like chicken adobo.– Ganahan ko ug adobong manok.

a type of sauce– adobo

It is a sauce made by combining vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and bay leaves. Chicken is cooked in the sauce.

chicken– manok


duck– pato

dried fish– bulad

goat meat– karneng kanding

meat– karne

beef– karne

pork– karneng baboy

egg rolls– lumpia

squid– nokos

turkey– pabo



chocolate– tsokolate

It is not pronounced chocolate. It is pronounced cho-ko-la-te.

coffee– kape

milk– gatas

tea– tsa or cha

wine– vino



garlic– ahos

ginger– luya

Pronounced luy-a. Not to be confused with luya meaning weak. Na luya na siya kay kapoy kaayo ang gi baktas. Meaning she became weak because the hike was tiring.

onion– sibuyas

chili pepper– sili

salt– asin

soy sauce– toyo

vinegar– suka

fish sauce– patis