About Fossils from Gaumers

Beautiful fossils at Gaumers. I went to Gaumers today to check out their fossils. I absolutely love going there because they have awesome displays. Check out some of their fossils.
These ammonite fossils are really cool.

Gaumers is a really cool place in Red Bluff to check out fossils. I saw these ammonite fossils today. I absolutely love them. They are very pretty marine fossils.

Check out all of these beautiful marine fossils.
Here are some information I found online about the ammonite fossils.
Wow! I did not know about all of this! Ammonites are pretty cool!
More cool info about ammonites.

Gaumers has an exhibit that is a dark room filled with fluorescent rocks and minerals. An ultraviolet light makes them glow in the dark.

I absolutely love this! They used to have one of these at the Natural Science Museum in Houston, TX.

Here’s a short article I found online about Fluorescent Minerals.

Very cool!

Check out the awesome fossils you can buy for $0.50 cents each. I got one of each.

Here’s a cool article I found online about Crinoids.

Cool article!
Wow! Cool info!

Red Bluff Park Pics April 2021

Check out my photo collage from the Red Bluff Park.

I went to the park yesterday and took some awesome pics. The flowers are now blooming. You can buy a print of any of my flower pics from me for $15. Email me at mtlawlordesign33@gmail.com.

Here are more beautiful Columbine flower pics from the park.

Here are more Red Bluff Park photos below. This flower is the Hummingbird Sage. It is starting to bloom.

Here are some pics of irises below.

Here are more flower pics below. This one is called the Bleeding Heart flower.

This is another beautiful flower. This is another sage flower.

Here are more sage flower below.

I absolutely love this flower. It is called the ceanothus.