Visual Experiment Blue and White

I was inspired by a Youtube video I watched to create a visual experiment. Here is what I made. I really like how it turned out!



About My Portfolio

I made a video about my portfolio creation process. Here it is!

Designing for Janya Thai Delight

I worked for Janya Thai Delight as a server, but I also worked as their in house graphic designer. I created their menu. Then I created a blog for them: I took photos for the blog and created descriptions for the photos. The photos were mostly of food and beverages. I then created a short movie for the blog to introduce Janya Thai Delight.

I also created a Facebook account for Janya Thai Delight and posted on there regularly: posted images of the food and I posted descriptions. The blog and Facebook were great because customers could go on there and see what we had to offer.

Here are some of the images I took for Janya Thai Delight.

Here is the short introduction video about Janya Thai Delight that I created:

Here is the menu that I created for Janya Thai Delight:

Here are images of the Janya Thai Delight Facebook:

Here are some images of the blog:

I Found Out You Loved Me When

The script to the movie:

Couples often times have dinner and they sit around and talk about what they did during the day. Then they talk about what they are going to do tomorrow. Their conversations are often about tasks.

Couples are busy and they have their daily routines to attend to. They have projects to work on. They have their kids’ schedules to plan.

Sometimes couples should take some time to talk about the times they found that their significant other did something special for them and they felt loved by that simple gesture that their significant other did. You can start your conversation with when was the time you found out I loved you?

Couples could talk about the very first time they found out their significant other loved them. It could be something simple like, “I found out you loved me when you cooked me my favorite dinner.” Then the other can reply with, “I found out you loved me when…”

From this conversation you can talk about other times your significant other did things that you appreciated. This type of talk lets the other know that you appreciate the little things you do for them. It can open up the conversation and you could laugh about those things that happened long ago or things that happened recently.

This kind of conversation can re-ignite the passion you have for each other. Now that you know your loved one appreciates what you do, think of other things you can do to show your loved one you love him. It can be something simple like getting him an espresso or whatever his favorite drink may be from Starbucks.

Showing your love does not have to be expensive. It can be writing a poem for your loved one. It can be creating artwork for him. Be creative. You have so many things you can do and it will only take a little time out of your day.

I hope this video was helpful. Thanks for watching.