About Making My Pink Peony Body Butter By Bramble Berry

I worked on my arts and crafts projects yesterday, which was Labor Day. One of the things I worked on was making my Pink Peony Body Butter By Bramble Berry.

Funniest clip ever from yesterday:

Here are some new tools I bought to make my body butter:

Here is a video of me making the Pink Peony Body Butter:

Here is a video about putting on the labels:

Here is a link about labeling your products from Bramble Berry: How to Label Products

Here are old videos I made about what comes in the Pink Peony Body Butter package:


The Pink Peony Body Butter Kit By Bramble Berry

I got my Pink Peony Body Butter Kit a few weeks ago. I am absolutely loving it. I still don’t have some tools like the mixer and the bowls, but I will get it soon and start making the body butters. I am very excited. It seems like a year ago I got the kit. I’ve been waiting for so long to make it and I think I will be able to soon. Here is the kit and the contents.

A video about my Bramble Berry Kit and my plans for a Bath and Beauty company I would like to make called Peri Winkle Petal:

What is included in the Pink Peony Body Butter Kit: