Graphic Design Section of Tailor Brands

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you all a feature that TailorBrands has. It is the graphic design section. You can create really cool posts for your Facebook and Instagram using the templates they have. Here are some of the cool posts I made.

I just clicked on the graphic design tab on the left and chose the create a social media post for Instagram and this is what it popped up with. As you can see here I had some fonts to choose from. It was a really easy process.

You can also choose to create Facebook posts using this feature on Here is a view of what I was able to make for Facebook.

Here is a cool post I made 🙂

Creating social networking ads is an awesome way to reach your audience. I made a Facebook page and a Twitter page specifically for my Peri Winkle Petal company. I have 10 people so far who like my Facebook page. It is a step in the right direction.

I think reaching your audience via social media is a great way because it is cheap and easy. In the future once I have my products, I would like to purchase some ads. I think it will be one of the best ways to reach my audience.

I have also purchased business cards and I would like to be able to reach a target market with those; however, business cards are to be passed out and it is harder to reach a large audience unless you go to a conference for your specific product or attend social gatherings that may have people interested in your products.

Free Give Aways and Discounts

I learned that you can do free give aways and discounts to help boost traffic to your site. For example, you can post, visit my site and get 10% off on your first purchase. Another thing you can say is visit my site to receive a free give away.

I am still exploring how to reach my target niche so I am in the beginning stage of marketing my company. I will be sharing with you more of my marketing Peri Winkle Petal experience. Stay tuned for more posts about starting your own company.

Here is a video I made about my advertising experience for Peri Winkle Petal.

I also made an Etsy profile. I made a really cool logo with image pic on Tailor Brands. It was really easy to do. I just used a template.

Here is the link to my Etsy shop. I don’t have anything posted yet, but I will soon:

I also sent out an email with an email banner with the Peri Winkle Petal logo. It was just a short message, but it announced that I have a product coming soon.

I wrote:

Hello everyone!
There is a new lip gloss coming out soon on my site It is a Peach Bellini lip gloss made out of Bramble Berry products.
Thanks, Therese


Here is the banner below that I made with Tailor Brands.
I also made a new blog post with graphic design work made on

Here is the ad that I made.

About My Peri Winkle Petal Site

I created a website for my company, Peri Winkle Petal. I made it on Check out some of my videos about my experience with

About My Site

More About What You Can Do With

Check out this awesome video Tailor Brands created. It talks about the different colors used in logo design and what they mean.


Two New Pics with Quotes

This morning I added this quote to my photo above of my orchids in my bathroom. I absolutely love this quote. Tonight, I added a quote to my kangkong looking plants pic. I think it came out great. Here it is below.

Here is a video about the process.

Blog Post Update 1:

Here is another image with an awesome quote. I took this pic in Costa Rica and I added the quote, “There are so many beautiful things to be happy about.”

My Flower Pic with a CJ Heck Quote

Here is another image my Freelancer chose for me to post. I never really took note of how special this photo is, but after looking at it again it is super duper awesome. Love it.

Here is my post.

Here is a short video about the post.

Blog Post Update 1:

Why I Create Flower Photos with Quotes?

I have always loved good quotes. I think quotes can be inspiring. When I was in 6th grade, I had a Bartlett’s Book of Quotations that I loved looking through. Some quotes stay with us and we remember them. They teach us fundamental things about life and love.

In order for quotes to be memorable I think they should be pasted on beautiful flower photographs. Flower photographs are non-descript yet very pretty. Flower photographs have been my canvas to write these quotes on, which I later analyze. I hope you all like my posts with the flower photographs and quotes on top of them.

Pasting the quotes on top of the photographs has also allowed me to practice my graphic design skills. I went to Rochester Institute of Technology and majored in Visual Media, which was part photography, graphic design, and management. The combination of the three has allowed me to excel in creating awesome blog posts that I hope can resonate throughout time and can inspire those hoping to go to college. I hope these photographs can inspire them to major in something like photography or graphic design.

Yes, there are lots of important engineering and biology majors, but in a way art majors are important too. I think art, in general, inspires others to seek education and go to college. Nowadays I am not using my college photography and graphic design skills in the work field, but I am still able to harness what I have learned during my college years to create awesome blog posts that can teach others about art, design, photography, and life.

Blog Post Update 2:

Here is another image with a quote about writers. The quote is, “The writer is by nature a dreamer — a conscious dreamer. The quote is by Carson McCullers.

The flower is called a Chinese Fringe Flower. Here are some photos of what I found at Home Depot.

Here are some information about the Chinese Fringe Flower.