Saturday Night With Diligent Traveler’s Deen and Going to Deen’s Dad’s Resto Bar Called Konbawa




This past Saturday, I went to Davao to meet up with my cousin, Deen.  We met up at Italianni’s in Abreeza.  I visited Italianni’s last week and enjoyed their Tuscano pizza so I thought I would bring Deen there.  We ordered Tuscano pizza again and also Quattro Carne.  Of course, the Tuscano pizza was good.  I also really like the Quattro Carne, but I preferred the Tuscano pizza more.  It is slightly spicy.  That’s odd for a pizza, but I like it.  Last week when I first went to Italianni’s, I ordered a margarita.  It was frozen, not on the rocks, but it was good.  This time around, I ordered a mango shake.  It was super delicious.  When I’m in the Philippines, I order lots and lots of mango shakes.


After dinner, Deen and I took a taxi Matina Town Square.  Our taxi driver was a maniac and driving really fast.  Anyhow, we arrived safely in Matina Town Square and we visited Aling Foping’s.  Deen said they were featured in Kris TV because of their delicious halo halo.  I ordered a durian halo halo.  I had never had that before and I thought I would give it a try.  I loved it!  It had durian ice cream and some sort of durian jam.durian

Once we finished our halo halo, we took a taxi to Konbawa Resto Bar, Deen’s Dad’s restaurant/bar that he manages.  It was a little far from Matina Town Square and our taxi driver almost passed the place.  Konbawa Resto Bar was lots of fun.  My uncle manages the place and he took care of us.  Konbawa has karaoke and we got to hear lots of people sing.  I enjoyed listening to the customers singing.  I tried to get Deen to sing and Deen tried to get me to sing, but neither one of us were successful and neither of us ended up singing.

After Konbawa, we headed home.  I had loads of fun and would like to go to Konbawa again and actually sing.  I know I can’t sing, but it’s worth a try.   If you are interested in Italianni’s, check out their site:  If you are interested in Konbawa Resto Bar, check out their fan page: