Mendon Ponds, the Best Park in Rochester, New York (Google it; it is awesome!)



Mendon Ponds is a beautiful park with a pond in Mendon, New York. The pond is near to my house so I’ve had many many events there. I’ve gone there with friends and family and gone hiking in the woods and swimming in the pond during the summertime. In the winter my friends, family, and I go there and go sledding. I’ve been there for birthday events too. They have cabins and you can rent one out for the day and you can have a celebration there. Dad works for a college and at the end of the year him and his coworkers have a celebration in the cabins and everyone brings food and it’s just a wonderful time. If you are ever in Rochester, New York, make sure to visit Mendon Ponds.


Check out my video about Mendon Ponds: