Red Bluff Adventures February 2021

Wink has a really cool window display. They are starting to put some spring looking stuff on display.


Wow! It is only February, but the stores on Main Street are starting to look very spring. This is awesome! Yay! I cannot wait for it to be springtime.


I am loving the Mountain Mist display at BABS Bath Shop.


I have not really been to this store much, but I have looked at their pottery and they make awesome mugs. I absolutely love how cool their window display looks.


The Plum Crazy window display looks really cool! Wow!


Bath salts from BABS Bath Shop.


Wink has changed their display for Valentine’s Day. It looks awesome! I love how flowy the skirt is on the display figure.

Check out these cool New York City maps inside of Subway. The Subway I am talking about is the place where you can get food inside of Walmart here in Red Bluff.

This is a really cool map. I absolutely love this. I can see a map of the Bronx. I have not been to the Bronx, but I have been to Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.


This section shows the borough, Queens.


I see Queens and Brooklyn in this section.

Red Bluff Adventures January 2021

Check out my new Red Bluff Adventure pics.

Check out some of the collages I made recently.

Check out the new jewelry I got from Kanela’s Cafe.

Check out this awesome pic of the sunrise at Red Bluff Sycamore Grove.

Check out these old photographs I found on the wall at a grocery store here in Red Bluff.

Check out my new light blue diamond-shaped earrings from Kanela’s Cafe.

Check out this beautiful flower I took a pic of at Home Depot yesterday. Honeysuckles are arching shrubs or twining vines in the family Caprifoliaceae, native to northern latitudes in North America and Eurasia.

These pics were taken at the Hampton Inn and Suites here in Red Bluff.

I think these white strawberry seeds are so cool! I found them at Home Depot.

The white Carolina strawberry.


The back of the white Carolina strawberry package.


Here’s some info on the Strawberries “White Carolina.”

I just started seeing white strawberry products at the store. Check out this white strawberry shampoo and white strawberry soap. So cool!

I went looking for a fruit stand recently and I found the Burlison Fruit stand. They have awesome jams, honey, fruits, and vegetables.

The Burlison fruit stand has some awesome veggies and beans.

Check out the Burlison fruit stand squashes. I absolutely love squashes.

Yummy fruit from the Burlison fruit stand.


I absolutely love the Tehama Floral Company t-shirts.

Before I left to volunteer and do my TEFL class in Costa Rica, I decided to buy Tehama Floral Company shirts. They were awesome. I loved wearing them all the time.


Check out the Tehama Floral Company flowers.

Frontier Village looks so cool. I absolutely love their buildings.

Check these antique farming machinery displayed near the coffee shop at the Frontier Village.


Check out all of the different type of Morning Glory flowers there are at the Walamrt store. I absolutely love the Blue Picotee and the Red Picotee. I have not planted Morning Glory flowers like those.


About My Trip to Costa Rica to Volunteer Teach and Do a TEFL Course with Maximo Nivel

San Jose, Costa Rica

I was making collages of my San Jose, Costa Rica pics and I decided to make a photo montage. Here is the video. I took the photos at Doka Coffee Plantation, Poas Volcano, and La Paz Waterfalls.

Here are my collages below 🙂

I went on a tour of Costa Rica. It was called the Combo Tour. I got the tour package through Maximo Nivel’s sister company. The tour included the Doka Coffee Plantation, Poas Volcano, and La Paz Waterfall. Here are some photos from the tour and the top is a photo of my hotel room in San Jose. It was called Hotel Ave Del Paraiso.

Here are more photos from the tour and my Fundacion Mujer class above.


I also went to the Butterfly Garden at the University of Costa Rica in San Jose. Check out my photos and I made a short little video 🙂




My Spanish teacher took me to the Mariposario. I took lots of Spanish classes while I was in San Jose. I did four hours a day for three weeks. Later on when I was in Manuel Antonio, I did one hour of Spanish for two weeks. Here’s a video about Spanish immersion classes with Maximo Nivel.

Manuel Antonio Beach

BeFunky-collage (2)

More Quepos beach videos.

White Water Rafting and TEFL Experience

BeFunky-collage (3)

BeFunky-collage (4)

Movies About My TEFL Experience

About Making My Collages

All About My Costa Rica Trip

About My Volunteer Experience with Maximo Nivel


Why IVHQ and Maximo Nivel Are Important

To learn more about my trip to Costa Rica, check out my blog:

For more information about what TEFL is check out my other blog:

You can also check out the lesson plans I created on my other blog:



Collaged Pics

Check out my new collaged photos.

I love this photo of a flower with spider and I decided to collage it with a photo of flowers on the sidewalk. I really love how it turned out.


Here is the black and white version.


Here are some photos from the park collaged.


Here is the black and white version of the photo above.


Here is another black and white pic of the park. I love the sunlight in this photo.


Here is another awesome pic of the park I took.


I went to the Green Barn Whiskey Kitchen with my friend, Fidel and on our way out of the restaurant the interior of the restaurant was hit by the sun just right and I got this super awesome pic. It’s probably the best pic I have ever taken. It just screamed at me: “But this interior decor is special.” So of course, I had to take it. Love it!