If You’re in College Get a Job at Your College


One of the most important things I did during college was have jobs at the college I attended. When I first started undergrad at Rochester Institute of Technology, I worked as a waitress for Ruby Tuesday’s, a restaurant near the college and then I decided to waitress at iHop and then I decided I would waitress for Friendly’s. Then during the summer of freshman year I decided to life guard at 1600 Elmwood and Olde Falls Village and then I decided I would waitress again and this time Empire Brewing company, it was a restaurant that brewed their own beer. Then finally I decided why not work at the college itself.

The best idea ever because I lived near RIT. Then it was a question of what to do. Then I decided I loved to go to the gym so a friend of mine who worked for RIT already talked to Buck, the head of the RIT gym to see if he would hire me. So Buck hired me and I worked at the gym for a few years. I loved that job. When I first started I worked at the old RIT gym and it was small so my main job was just making sure everyone got what they needed and changing the TV channel. Then later on the new, large gym opened and I worked upstairs where the cardio and some weights were and my job again was making sure everyone got what they needed and also changing the television channels and counting how many people came into the gym.

During a management class I was classmates with Fran the head of the gallery at the time and she told me there was a position open at the gallery. The position was for a gallery attendant. That was a fun job because I got to sit at the desk at the student gallery and oversee the guests, answer phone calls, and make sure everyone got to where they needed to go. Sometimes guests had questions when there were student shows and I would go ahead and give them the dates. Later on, the gallery gave me a chance to be the graphic designer to the gallery so I made some gallery pamphlets for shows and also created the name tags of the artwork the students hung up. I kept the gallery job until I graduated.

Here is an example of one of my graphic design pieces I made for the gallery: https://marielawlorgraphicdesign.wordpress.com/2006/06/22/bevier-galler-work/

Another job I had during college was being one of the graphic designers for Liberal Smarts, the communication department’s newsletter. I did that for one quarter and that was very challenging. I worked with InDesign when I created the newsletter and I was new at it, but I had a great time because I was guided by Nicole and she helped me out a lot. Here’s the newsletter: https://marielawlorgraphicdesign.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/liberal-smarts/

I would say that college life would not have been the same without those jobs at RIT because of the people I got to work with. They became my friends and my support during college. The jobs also gave me experience. The graphic design job for the gallery was especially important because it helped me gain experience in my field and later on I was able to get more graphic design jobs and also attend higher level learning because of that experience alone. If you’re in college and are thinking about getting a job while at school, make sure to do so at your college because you will meet important people in the college, make friends in your field, and gain experience.

Here is the movie I made to go along with this blog post.