Rochester Institute of Technology Black and White Pictures 2 & 3


I recently visited Rochester Institute of Technology and took some photos with my Samsung tablet. I then turned the photos which were colored into black and white photos using Photoshop.


Here are the images of RIT visit 3.


Editing Photos in iPhoto


iPhoto is part of the iLife suite and comes on every Mac computer. It is a great software for editing photos. It helps you organize your photos into albums. My favorite part of iPhoto is its ability to easily turn a boring photo into a masterpiece. All you need to do is click on enhance and then add some effects. Here are some examples of my photos that I edited in iPhoto.

Here is a video I made about the process. I will be showing you how to enhance a photo, turn a photo sepia toned, black and white, boost color, edge blur, antique, straighten, and crop.

Colorsplashing Photos in Photoshop and Adding Text in Illustrator


I took this image with an iPod Touch at the WaterFront Insular Hotel in Davao City. I had found a rose on the ground and I picked it up and put it in a glass of water. I then placed it on the table and took a photo of it.


Recently, I decided to turn my WaterFront Insular colored photos into black and white photos. I loved this image as a black and white, but I thought it would look better colorsplashed so I used Photoshop to colorsplash it. Here is the image below colorsplashed.


This photo below I took at Cheesecake Factory in Rochester, NY. Dad and I were having dinner and for dessert he got a sundae. I took it with my Samsung tablet and I loved the image.


I posted the photo in my Flickr account and I was looking at it and it dawned on me that this would be a great image to colorize so I played with it in Photoshop and here is the colorsplashed image below.


I documented the process of me turning my images from color into colorsplashed images using a screen recording feature in Quicktime. I then imported the clips into iMovie and I created this short tutorial about how I colorized the images.

After the images were colorsplashed I decided I would add text into the images using Adobe Illustrator. I decided to add a quote on the ice cream. Here is the image below.


For the colorsplashed rose image I decided to also add a quote. Here is the image below.


I documented the adding text with Adobe Illustrator process and I created this short video tutorial below.


Polaroid Frame Tutorial



I’ve had a few people ask about how I created my Polaroid images for the Diligent Traveler blog post so I thought I would make a simple tutorial. First things first, I went online and searched for a Polaroid photograph. I found a great one and saved it to my desktop. I then opened up the Polaroid image in Photoshop. Once in Photoshop I selected the black middle of the Polaroid image with the magic wand. I then deleted the selected black middle so that I can put an image in the layer below it and have it show through.

I consider this Polaroid image my frame. This frame would serve as a way to make my images look more cohesive and give it a fun effect. After the Polaroid frame was ready I opened up the image I was inserting behind it. The one I opened up is of the yummy donuts. I then selected the entire image and pasted the yummy donuts image into its own layer with the Polaroid frame image. I then moved the yummy donuts layer under the Polaroid frame. I resized the yummy donuts image and positioned it just so in order for it to show through properly.


Once the donuts were in it’s proper place, I then put a text layer on top and positioned the text in the middle of the image. I used the green guidelines and the ruler to better position the text layer. I then used the font called Noteworthy and I wrote, “More yummy donuts” which is what the blog post called for.

This writing harkens back the days of when I used to get Polaroid photos from my friend in America. As a Filipino you do not see many Polaroids and so when I received Polaroid images from my American friend I thought they were very interesting and special. Usually the Polaroids had writing under the photos that described the picture. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and can apply it to your images. They especially look cool on blog posts.

Here are all of the Polaroid framed photos from the Diligent Traveler post: Abreeza and Tune Hotel Adventure


Check out my video about the Polaroid frame tutorial:

iMovie Tutorial


Here is the outcome of my video project!

Hello my name is Marie Therese Lawlor.  Creating a movie with iMovie is simple if you know the different menus and buttons that are new to the newest iMovie.  I would like to show you how to make a short movie.  I am going to show you how I made my movie about the WaterFront Insular Hotel.  I am going to show you how to add photos, titles, transitions, voice over, music, subtitles, and much more.

1.  The first step to creating my movie is uploading my photos of the WaterFront Insular Hotel into my iPhoto.

2.  Once in iPhoto I must organize my photos into an album.  This will allow me to easily access the photos that I need while in iMovie.

3.  I must then go to the dock located at the bottom of my screen for iMovie or go to the applications folder and select iMovie.

4. To create a new movie I must click on the plus button that say create located on the upper left hand side or go to file then new movie.

5.  I am selecting no theme.

6.  I must then add a title TheWaterFront_InsularHotel.

7.  Once I have entered the title I can click on okay.

8.  After I have created a new movie, I will then have a blank timeline.

9.  Now I must add a title.  The title button is on the lower left hand side.  I can choose from all of the different styles.

10.  I am choosing the style focus because it is simple.

11.  Once I have a title I am ready to start putting in photos.  I’m clicking the iPhoto library icon on the left hand side, then clicking on the albums and locating my Insular_Waterfront_Hotel album.

12.  Once I click on the album, I can see all of the photos in the album.  I can then go ahead and put them on the timeline by dragging them into the timeline.

13.  Now I must choose a transition to put between the title and the first photo.  The transition button is on the lower left hand side.  I am choosing a simple transition called cross dissolve.  I am then going to drag cross dissolve into the middle of the title and the first photo.

14.  I am then going to continue adding the photos from my album and adding transitions in between the photos.

15.  Once I have added all of the photos and transitions, I am now going to put a title in the end that says The End to show that it is the end of the movie and a credit to me By: Marie Therese Lawlor.

16.  Now I am going to go through the movie and make sure all of the photos are showing up correctly.  iMovie adds a ken burns effect to all of the photos automatically, but not all photos show up correctly.  This photo needs the start point and the end point changed because it is a vertical photo and I would like to show the entire photo.

17.  Now that my photos are in order, I would like to do a voice over in the beginning and record a bit of audio advertising the Waterfront Insular Hotel.  I must go to the menu click on window and click record voice over.

18.  I now must them record my short advertisement.

“The WaterFront Insular Hotel is one of my favorite hotels.  They are located right across Paradise Island so you can take a boat from the Insular Hotel.  The hotel also has a beautiful pool and beach, delicious restaurants, comfortable bed, and a bathroom with a bathtub.  It was a wonderful experience.”

19.  Now that I have recorded my voice over I can now add music.  I am going to my iTunes library and finding a song called “Hello.”  I am then dragging the song onto the timeline.  The iTunes button is located on the lower left hand side.

20.  Now I must trim the song to fit my movie by dragging the audio clip to the left.

21.  In the end of your movie you can also fade the song by dragging the button on your audio clip.

22.  Now that my audio is in place, I am going to go through some of my photographs and write a subtitle explaining the photographs.  I am picking the title gradient black and putting them on the bottom of the photos then typing in the explanations.

23.  Now that I am done, I can share it to upload into Youtube.  I can just click Share on the upper left hand side and click file.  Once I click file, I can pick from the different sizes.  I am choosing the smallest size which is SD480P.  Then I am saving it to the desktop.

24.  Now that I am done, I am then going to log onto my Youtube account to share my iMovie movie with my family and friends.  Thanks for watching my tutorial.  Have a great day.