Davao City Trip January 27th-January 28th Abreeza Mall and Tune Hotel


The indoor decor of TGIF.

Yesterday, I went on a Davao City adventure on my own.  I often travel to Davao on my own from Calinan to Davao City.  I got to go to my favorite restaurant in Davao City yesterday, TGIF.  TGIF stands for Thank God It’s Friday.  I know that there’s a TGIF in America and it seems odd that TGIF would be my favorite here, but I really like their atmosphere, their decor, and their quesadillas.  TGIF in Davao City is located in the Abreeza Mall.


The view of Mt. Apo from Tune Hotel.

After dinner, I checked into my hotel in Davao City called Tune.  It was 1,400 pesos for one night which is a great deal.  The hotel was comfortable, had a great view, and had TV.  I got to watch the CNN news and watch some special tributes they had for the 70th anniversary of the Liberation of the Jews from Auschwitz.  They also had wi-fi which allowed me to chat on Facebook all night long.  That was my favorite part.  In the morning, I woke up to a great view and in the distance I could see Mt. Apo.


Artsy pic of the Tune Hotel window.


My super cute outfit!


The restaurant next to Tune Hotel.


My delicious breakfast.

In the morning, I woke up starving.  I went to the lobby to find out if they had a restaurant.  They said they did and it’s in the ground floor right next to the hotel.  I went to the restaurant and found a nice, clean, and friendly place.  I ordered a longganisa meal with rice and egg and for my drink I had a mango shake.  The mango shake was my favorite part of the meal.

After the first breakfast, I decided I wanted some donuts so I went to J and Co.  Their donuts are delicious.


J. Co has the best donuts in Davao City.


Yummy donuts.


More yummy donuts.


Donuts! Yes! Both for me! Who wants to only eat one J. Co donut?

After eating some donuts, I explored Abreeza Mall.  It is a very large mall with lots of brand name stores.


Posing in Abreeza Mall.