Sunset Beach


Someday we’ll watch the sun setting at the beach
We’ll see it looking like a painting
Pink, red, and orange hues
We’ll walk in the sand with no shoes

We will walk by the beach to see
This masterpiece painted for thee
The sound of the waves make me calm
Like the touch of your hand on my palm

It will be nice to be near the sea
It will be nice to hear the waves breaking
So this is what love should be


Thank You 24/7


24/7 you are mine
Your eyes on me make me blush
When you talk 
For once I hush

For what you say brings back
Four years of memories of what could have been
I left for 2 years 
And was sight unseen

Now I’m back 
I’d like to make you mine
Even only for 24/7
Gone half my work
But the thought of you makes me giggle

I did not fret or worry
Because that can be put back together
Just like you and I forever
I know I will be yours always
And I surrender
I’m yours


Pieces of Us



I want you to take the pieces of me you don’t like and hang them in your office.

Until you learn to love them because they are what makes me me.

I want you to take the pieces of me you love and draw them in your notepad.

I want you to draw a rose with thorns that prick your fingers and make them bleed.

I want you to trace the outlines of the rose that’s not prickly that you love so much with your pen, scribbling all around until you can see how much you love them.

I want you to draw my lips pouting at you when I’m sad.

I want you to draw my tears with blue ink and realize you’re the only person who ever sees them.

I want you to take those tears you love so much and mix them in your tea.

Realize that those tears make my eyes look less empty.

I want you to realize your heart grows warm when you see me start my work for the day.

I want you to take all of you and me and make pound cake out of it so I can eat it when my tooth gets pulled.

I want to take that pound cake and go to bed with it.

Whether it’s peace or war between us always realize you have your tea mixed with my tears and I have pound cake in bed with me.

The Poetry of You and I

you and i.jpg

Me looking out the window at the planes flying like birds in the sky.

An unseen drop of water in the sink.

A tossed hair turned into a messy bun.

The fan breeze moving the strands of my hair on the nape of my neck.

My Samsung tablet lighting my face in the dark.

I will always be poetry to you.

And of course, you’re my quiet poem that’s being recited in the background.

Always there to keep my mind entertained.

Always there to love me no matter what.


Their Fragrant Hearts


His heart

Worn on his sleeve

Her heart

Dangling on her necklace

Their laughter

Encased in a Black Orchid perfume bottle

At night she places her necklace around the perfume bottle

In the morning he sprays his sleeve with the perfume bottle

Their laughter is the perfume to their fragrant hearts