Love’s Squinting Smile


Love smiled with a squint
When she smiled I thought of how much I loved her
Then one day when she smiled I thought of Grace
The next day I still saw Grace when love smiled
To this day I see Grace in love’s smile
I wonder if Grace knows
If Grace knew she would love me

The image is an Alexander Mijares painting. Check out his Instagram:

My Love, Savanna in the Sunset


My love, Savanna you are in front of me
Head turned with the sunset making your hair glow
Looking perfect as usual

You let your hair down
You tossed it back up
You put your hair up in your signature pony tail

You smiled at me
You said come here
You said does this look okay

Then you took one of the three maroon carnations I gave you
You put it in your hair
You said I actually do love the ugly flowers you gave me

My heart skipped a beat

I wrote this poem to go with another poem I had written called Mai Luv in the Sunset:

Desert Love


Enough with love
Desert love now
You can even though you think you can’t

There are consequences to pay
One of them your soul being sold to the devil
There is no return ticket from hell

The grim reaper will be in your chest
Waiting for you to make the wrong move
Ready to deliver your heart attack

Be good
Do I have to yell at you
Well I can’t right now so this poem is the best I can do

Photo by Colin Brennan. Visit Also check out his Instagram:

Girl with the Black Balloons

2017-08-05 17.59.10

She was walking on the rooftop.
Near the graffiti that said dread.
She was carrying balloons.

Three of them were black.
Why black?
Who wants black balloons at a party?

She seemed so captivating.
She was the captain of the party.
Bringing in the soon to be herd of zombies.

They would end up sleeping on her couch.
Fall into a deep dreamless sleep.
To wake up with aching chests.

Soon they’ll be tired.
Too tired to hate.
So they can be tamed and follow.


2017-08-05 16.23.23

She’s Therrible.
She’s not Theresweet today.
She’s Therrible.

She’s scrappy.
She fights.
She asks for this and that.

She just finds a way.
She needs to be yelled at.
I do miss Therrible though.

What do I have to do to tame Therrible.
I’ve tried everything.
Maybe she just wants me to be sweet.

Maybe if I’m sweet then Therrible will turn sweet.
But I want to test her.
See what she does.

Guess what she does.
You guessed it.
She becomes Therrible.

Today You’re My Love in Cabo


Today you’re my love
Tomorrow you’re not
I don’t mean to be rude, but I have to leave Cabo

Here are flowers
Put them in a vase
Don’t leave them in the car and let them rot

Remember me by the flowers I’ve given
They’re not roses
But I know that tonight you’ll love me anyway

Tonight I’ll do everything I want
I’ll start with loving you
Everything you need honey

By the window
By the wall
You’ll have my all

No matter what season
Whether it be spring, summer, winter, or fall
We’re stuck together forever

Winning with Eyes Wide Open


She can win with her eyes wide open
She can also win when they’re closed
She knows the game

She turns into a Cheetah
All she needs is Bloody Mary for fuel
Then she’s ready to go

Ready to party all night
She’s no one’s only
But she dances alone

She does not stop
She dances all night
She parties until 10 AM

The Fat Lazy Cat


The fat lazy cat.
It reminds you of me.
Getting fat lazily basking in the sun.
At least I’m having fun.

On the ledge waiting to catch a mouse.
All the way from up there.
How am I going to catch that mouse?

I’m in the wrong place.
I should be a photographer in New York City.
Where cats do catch mice.
And get fit from working.

Image by Colin Brennan. His site is Visit his Instagram and see awesome photographs: