Red Bluff Park Pics April 2021

Check out my photo collage from the Red Bluff Park.

I went to the park yesterday and took some awesome pics. The flowers are now blooming. You can buy a print of any of my flower pics from me for $15. Email me at

Here are more beautiful Columbine flower pics from the park.

Here are more Red Bluff Park photos below. This flower is the Hummingbird Sage. It is starting to bloom.

Here are some pics of irises below.

Here are more flower pics below. This one is called the Bleeding Heart flower.

This is another beautiful flower. This is another sage flower.

Here are more sage flower below.

I absolutely love this flower. It is called the ceanothus.

Pressed Flower Art

A pressed flower art I made for myself. These are my morning glory flowers I decided to press. The plant below it is a basil flower.

Hello everyone! I have been making pressed flower art. Here is a short video about my new hobby and here are some photos.

Collaged Pics

Check out my new collaged photos.

I love this photo of a flower with spider and I decided to collage it with a photo of flowers on the sidewalk. I really love how it turned out.


Here is the black and white version.


Here are some photos from the park collaged.


Here is the black and white version of the photo above.


Here is another black and white pic of the park. I love the sunlight in this photo.


Here is another awesome pic of the park I took.


I went to the Green Barn Whiskey Kitchen with my friend, Fidel and on our way out of the restaurant the interior of the restaurant was hit by the sun just right and I got this super awesome pic. It’s probably the best pic I have ever taken. It just screamed at me: “But this interior decor is special.” So of course, I had to take it. Love it!




My Flower Pic with a CJ Heck Quote

Here is another image my Freelancer chose for me to post. I never really took note of how special this photo is, but after looking at it again it is super duper awesome. Love it.

Here is my post.

Here is a short video about the post.

Blog Post Update 1:

Why I Create Flower Photos with Quotes?

I have always loved good quotes. I think quotes can be inspiring. When I was in 6th grade, I had a Bartlett’s Book of Quotations that I loved looking through. Some quotes stay with us and we remember them. They teach us fundamental things about life and love.

In order for quotes to be memorable I think they should be pasted on beautiful flower photographs. Flower photographs are non-descript yet very pretty. Flower photographs have been my canvas to write these quotes on, which I later analyze. I hope you all like my posts with the flower photographs and quotes on top of them.

Pasting the quotes on top of the photographs has also allowed me to practice my graphic design skills. I went to Rochester Institute of Technology and majored in Visual Media, which was part photography, graphic design, and management. The combination of the three has allowed me to excel in creating awesome blog posts that I hope can resonate throughout time and can inspire those hoping to go to college. I hope these photographs can inspire them to major in something like photography or graphic design.

Yes, there are lots of important engineering and biology majors, but in a way art majors are important too. I think art, in general, inspires others to seek education and go to college. Nowadays I am not using my college photography and graphic design skills in the work field, but I am still able to harness what I have learned during my college years to create awesome blog posts that can teach others about art, design, photography, and life.

Blog Post Update 2:

Here is another image with a quote about writers. The quote is, “The writer is by nature a dreamer — a conscious dreamer. The quote is by Carson McCullers.

The flower is called a Chinese Fringe Flower. Here are some photos of what I found at Home Depot.

Here are some information about the Chinese Fringe Flower.