Online Learning Synchronous and Asynchronous is Best

Full Sail University's campus.

Full Sail University’s campus.

My philosophy on learning is that a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous is best. Synchronous learning happens when the class sits down and learns together and has a discussions like our Wimba sessions.  Asynchronous means the students learn on their own and at their own pace. I prefer to have more asynchronous learning going on in a class than synchronous learning that is why I prefer online learning.

My learning style has evolved in the years. I went from disliking online learning to loving online learning. When I attended Rochester Institute of Technology as an undergrad, I had a few classes that utilized a hybrid format, meaning some were in class learning and some were online. I also had some classes that were online and I thoroughly enjoyed those. When I first started, I disliked online learning because I was new to using the computer. Once I progressed with computer learning and became comfortable with using certain softwares, I found online learning to be perfect because I have a job and I like spending time with my family while attending school.

My perfect environment is the Full Sail format for Media Design Masters of Fine Arts. It was an online graduate program. We had plenty of directions written and in video. We also had examples of past students projects so we could see what our assignment was supposed to look like. We were told to redesign a company and everyone picked something very different from each other and I think many of the projects turned out great.