Customers Might Find Your Product or Service on Social Networking Sites


In this blog post I would like to write about social networking because customers are going and buying online or learning about products and services online. A lot of them are more and more each year because every year people become more savvy with computers. What a lot of companies have currently are Facebook and Twitter accounts and people actually go to both Facebook and Twitter—people like me and look at what people have to say about the products and also the comments that are below.

People also definitely look at what people have to say about a company for example people will tweet about Phillip’s European, which is a restaurant in Rochester, New York and Phillip’s European will retweet it. When I go to Phillip’s European’s Twitter account, I’ll be able to search for what people have to say. Same thing with Jet Blue, if somebody tweets about Jet Blue somebody at Jet Blue might retweet it and you can go and take a look at Jet Blue’s Twitter account and you can see all the things that people have to say about Jet Blue’s service and people’s flying experiences.

It’s important to have a website and it’s important for people to be able to buy from your company’s website, but it’s also very important to have the social networking presence and a positive presence at that because a lot of people will go on social media and create accounts and sometimes there will be negative comments and things like that so you have to make sure that your product or service is upstanding. Here are the must haves: you have the company website, you have the social networking presence, and then you have a positive online presence. Those are some key things that you need to have as a business owner and that’s always been the case.

Nowadays social networking is sometimes at the forefront of the whole service or product advertisement campaign because sometimes a person might be swayed into buying a product or service because they found the product or service on a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter. In that case, it’s the social networking sites at the forefront so social networking is the first thing that they see so for example for me there have been products that are shared by people and I’ve bought the product. There has been music shared by people and I’ve gone to iTunes and bought the track. It’s through social networking sometimes that I learn about new things that come along.

The way I see this a lot actually is when somebody shares a Youtube video about a product on Facebook or shares a Youtube video of the music on Facebook. That’s how I’ll actually see many new upcoming music and then it leads me to purchasing via iTunes. Having that social networking presence in that case is very very important.

There’s also hotels that I learn about that are through Facebook because it’s shared by somebody and also because let’s say Conde Nast Traveler or CNN has posted about it. I’ve also learned about great restaurants to go to because Conde Nast Traveler or CNN has created a top ten best restaurants in New York City for example and then their article is posted on Facebook. Then I’ll be scrolling through Facebook and click on the article and read that these are the ten best restaurants in New York City. That’s how I see some of these products and services. Recently I’ve been thinking about how important it is to have a Public Relations professional within a company that takes care of not just making sure that you have the great posts, the great videos on Youtube, but also that magazines and the news are writing about your product or service so it becomes viral on social media and your product or service is the number one thing on people’s minds.

User Behavior Tracked on iTunes, Youtube, Facebook for Better User Experience

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iTunes, Youtube, and Facebook track behavior so they can better suit your needs. I think this is very interesting and I first noticed it on iTunes. I used to buy iTunes songs and iTunes figured out the type of songs I liked and suggested songs for me to buy. At first I was skeptical and finally I decided to try to some of the songs by previewing them and they were good and so I bought them. This feature was responsible for me building a great iTunes library. The way iTunes did this was by tracking what I listened to and then tracking what other bought who bought the songs I listened to and then they would suggest that song to me.

Another on that I logged onto and that tracked my behavior was Youtube. I logged on and watched Migrationology videos, which are videos about food and then one day Youtube suggested Fung Bros and it was a great channel. It’s a food channel, but mostly Asian food and now Fung Bros has more videos besides food, but it was the food videos that Youtube suggested to me so I’ve watched almost all of the Fung Bros food videos. Now when I log onto my Youtube and Youtube suggests videos to me I watch them. Youtube tracked the videos I watched and then tracked what other people who watched the videos that I was watching were also watching. Youtube found that many Migrationology viewers watched Fung Bros videos and so Youtube figures I might like Fung Bros videos too.

The other one that suggested things to me was Facebook. Facebook likes to suggest pages for me to like and so I click on them and low and behold they are pages I am interested in. Some I’ve found are more advertisements of pages like I’m interested in teaching abroad and Facebook knows this about my posts of links about teaching abroad and so now Facebook suggests pages of companies that organize teaching abroad.

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