About Robert Frost


I did a project where I wrote an analysis of the poem The Road Not Taken. Check it out!

In the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, the speaker talks about how he will be telling the story with a “sigh.” The sigh could mean many different things. The speaker is talking about how in the distant future, most likely years later on he will be looking back at his decision and wonder what if he had taken a different road. The different road could imply whether he had chosen a different person to marry, perhaps a different career, or perhaps even if he had taken advantage of an opportunity.

Of course, this is a poem and it is a work of art and it can be interpreted in many different ways and it is in the eye of the reader. As the audience, we must not necessarily believe one way or the other, but analyze it to be what if it was a happy choice or a sad choice because it could be either. When he reminisces about the time he chose the path it is in the far distant future so we cannot ever fully know what the sigh is exactly.

One way it could be interpreted is the sigh is more about the fact that he chose a path that was more difficult, but in the end more rewarding. The path he may have chosen may have been the one that was less traveled and so it might mean that the path was lonely and he had to overcome obstacles on his own, but he conquered those hindrances and was successful at achieving his goal. The sigh is also somewhat nostalgic and harkens emotions when he is recalling a time in his life so it was more of an important choice that he looks back on.

It might have been a happy sigh because he may have chosen a path that may have represented having chosen the correct spouse. We do not know this for sure, but a sigh can be a happy sigh as well. The fact that he chose one over the other made all of the difference and often times we do say we chose something and it made a difference and sometimes by saying it made a difference we mean a positive difference. The sigh may also have been a sad sigh. Perhaps he chose a different career path that entailed more hard work. In this instance, the sigh could mean a sad sigh and a heavy sigh that was filled with challenges and it was a tiring decision.

The Road Not Taken is a very beautiful poem and it can be seen in many different lights, but we must look at it as how can this be interpreted and analyze each interpretation. Some poems are more interesting because of its unknowns and can be read in many different ways. The sigh shall be a mystery, but whether it was a happy or a sad sigh, one thing is for sure, it was a sigh that made the poem more beautiful and gave it a depth of meaning.