Say I Love You

The movie script:

Hello Therese Lawlor here so quote of the day is, “One simple I love you can change everything for the better.” I really think that is an awesome quote because when someone says I love you it does change things for the better. When someone tells you that he loves you that’s like not just you know oh I like you and you’re my crush. It’s like he really cares about me. It’s awesome because those words have a lot more meaning to it.

The words I love you can really cheer someone up so if your significant other is angry or sad let him know you love him if you really do love him. It makes such a big difference and it’s so easy to say. It’s just, “I love you.” I had a relationship in the past where an “I love you” saved it. I remember almost breaking up with someone because he was leaving the country. I was like so sad at the time, but when he told me he loved me I knew we could make our relationship work. I knew he loved me before he even told me he loved me, but when he communicated it, it really cemented it in my mind.

The words “I love you” carry weight for people because it might be ingrained in us as humans to accept that as something really meaningful. It might be because it is ingrained in us from the romance movies we watch where the lead characters tell each other “I love you.”

Make sure when you tell someone I love you to back it up with your actions. You can’t tell someone you love him, but not be there for him when they really need you. Make sure to respect your significant other’s wishes. You can’t be telling him I love you, but you are still going on dates with your ex-boyfriend.

Loving actions toward your significant other communicate I love you, but you must also actually say it. A good example is you can make your boyfriend his favorite dinner and during dinner tell him you love him. You could get your boyfriend flowers and then tell him you love him. There are many things you can do. Find out what your significant other really wants and do that for him and then make sure to tell him I love you and really mean it. That is it for my video. Thanks for watching bye.