Fried Green Tomato BLT

I have been gardening lots lately and I bought a tomato plant from the grocery store. It finally bore fruit. I could not wait for it to ripen so I harvested the tomato while it was still green. I then fried the tomato slices and added it to a sandwich. I used the recipe above from the magazine, The Pioneer Woman.

The sandwich turned out great! I made slight changes to the recipe, but it turned out awesome. First, I fried some turkey bacon. After, I toasted bread in the toaster. Then I fried two eggs and added salt and pepper to the eggs to give it some flavor.

After frying the eggs, I decided to work on the fried green tomatoes. I mixed cornmeal, cornstarch, and eggs for the fried green tomatoes batter. I added a little bit of water to the batter to make the consistency not as thick. I then sliced the green tomatoes and dipped it in the cornmeal batter. Then I fried the green tomatoes.

Now that everything was ready, I put mayonnaise on the bread, the turkey bacon, fried eggs, and the fried green tomatoes. It turned out extremely yummy. I ate the sandwich with a side of anchovies dipped in vinegar. It was a very delicious dinner last night. Thank you garden for providing me with a very yummy green tomato 🙂

Gardening Tip: Label your cups when planting new seeds. I have labeled my cups GN for Genovese Basil. I could not remember, which ones were the Sweet Basils, but I would have labeled them SB to stand for Sweet Basil. Later on I tried to spell out the names, but you can labeled your plants however you would like to. I have used plant labelers or just carving inthe names onto the styrofoam cups 

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