Handlettering By Me

I started handlettering last year. I have had the best time learning how to do it. I had been doing calligraphy work as a hobby here and there since 5th grade. Last year, I decided I wanted to do some calligraphy work again so I got calligraphy pens. I then decided to watch calligraphy videos on Youtube. After watching lots of calligraphy videos, I stumbled upon handlettering videos. I then watched the handlettering videos and fell in love with handlettering and so I decided to get a Tombow Fudenoske hard tip pen, which I have been using since then.

I have been practicing handlettering for about a year now and I have improved lots and would like to share my handlettering work here on my blog. I have been handlettering poems and those have been loads of fun.

Below is my latest handlettering work. This is a poem by Robert Frost called Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.




Below is my older handlettering work.


Below is my handlettering work of Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare.


Love this handlettering work I did of a sunflower quote.




One thought on “Handlettering By Me

  1. amychrisdiy says:

    gorgeous! I love to see posts showing how people have improved their skill over time, it makes me feel like it’s definitely worth sticking to and working hard at! Hope to be as skilled as you are some day, thanks for sharing 🙂

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