Your Blog Can Be Your Journal


Blogging can be a form of journaling. Many people write blogs to tell their friends and family what’s going on in their lives. Blogs do not have to be just filled with words. They can include images and videos. I would like to teach my audience how to blog so they can have a platform to share their experiences.

Blogging is a very creative process. You can post about your day using text, images, and video. You can add a piece of drawing or painting that tells the audience about your day. You can create a photo collage about your day. Sometimes, I combine my paintings with my drawing and photographs to create a unique piece to post into my blogs.

Expressing how your day went using art and photography can be calming and therapeutic. You might even be inspired to do things that are out of the ordinary like visit a botanical garden you can have something to blog about. In the past I loved going to the Lambert and Conservatory at Highland Park to get some photos to post into my blog.

If you decide to create art, make sure to apply principles like contrast, line, and texture. Ensure what you are creating is aesthetically pleasing to you. You want to be able to look at your art, photography, and blog and be reminded of the fun things you have done recently. It can be a part of your legacy in the making.

Sometimes, you might have an art idea, but you cannot create it just yet you can use your blog to post about it. You can expand on your idea and present it to your audience. Express your art idea on your blog and develop your ideas.


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