The I Love You Sam Meant


During senior year in college, Alexandra was at Club Tilt in Miami with her friends. She loved house music and her favorite DJ, DJ Elon Matana was spinning that night so she had to go. She convinced her friends so now here she was dancing to house music in this fabulous club. As she was dancing she noticed that the shoelaces of the guy near her were untied so she tapped him on the back and said, “Your shoelaces are untied.” He said, “Thanks.” He started dancing again and then turned back to her and this time he leaned in close to her and asked her, “Are you Filipina?” She said, “Yes, how did you know?” He said, “My dad has a clothing business in Manila. He’s been living there for a few years. My stepmother is Filipina.”

Curious and wanting to learn more Alexandra asked him, “What’s your name?” “Sam and what’s your name?” he said. She said, “Alexandra. Where are you from?” He said, “India.” “Cool,” said Alexandra. Then he asked her, “Do you want a drink?” She said, “Sure, but I don’t drink alcohol. You can buy me a bottle of water if you want.” So Sam did and then he asked Alexandra to go sit with him on the couches at the back of the club. They got to know each other and really hit it off.

Alexandra learned that Sam spent a few years in Manila during high school when he lived with his dad. Sam helped run the clothing store his dad owned and had a great time in Manila. She asked him why he was in Miami and he replied that he was in Miami for work. He was working as a consultant for a firm called MJTM Corp in India and currently, MJTM was doing a project with Club Space in Miami for the next few months. Alexandra and Sam exchanged numbers and the next day he called her. He asked her to go out to dinner with him at Chipri’s in Palm Beach. She said, “Sure. I’d love to.”

After dinner, he asked her if she wanted to go to his apartment to watch a movie on Netflix. She said, “ Yes, of course.” So off they went and once they were situated on the couch Sam asked her to pick a movie. Alexandra picked Outsourced. They watched the movie and ate popcorn. After the movie, she went home.

The next day, Alexandra called Sam and asked him if he wanted to come over for dinner. She said she was cooking spinach lasagna and perhaps he would like to come and have a taste of the lasagna and drink some Beringer wine. “Yeah I’d love that,” he said. The two had dinner and afterward, she asked him if he wanted to watch a movie. He said, “Yeah that’s a great idea. What do you want to watch?” She said, “Well I’m a big Joe Pesci fan and I know he was in this awesome movie called The Good Shepherd. Do you want to watch that?” Edward said, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard about that movie it’s starring Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie.” “Yes,” said Alexandra. So they watched the movie and afterward, Sam went back to his apartment.

For the next few months, Alexandra and Sam hung out every day. On the third month of hanging out every day they established that they were boyfriend and girlfriend and that they would be seeing each other exclusively. They relished every minute of their time together because both knew that after the Club Space project was over Sam would be going home to India. Sure enough in May Sam had to go home. Alexandra went over to his apartment and watched him packed.

She was ready to cry so she went and stood by the window and watched the cars pass by so he would not see her tearing up. He saw her and went to go hug her, but she seemed distant so he didn’t. She was about to tell him that long distance relationships don’t work so they should break up and see other people. Sam sensed that Alexandra was trying to work up the nerve to break up with him so he said, “My girl, I love you.”

Sam knew if he didn’t say I love you he was going to lose her forever. He was a little afraid to say I love you because he didn’t know how she would react, but he’s said I love you many times to girls before so he thought he would give it a try. This time though, he really meant it. After he said I love you Alexandra didn’t talk. She just stood by the window for about a minute quiet. Sam just looked at her and braced himself for the worst, but when she finally decided to talk she said, “I love you too.” Then kissed him.

Maein dilo jaan say tumhe chahtaa hoon.


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