Learning in Groups

Organizing students in groups can help them learn because they have more fun, they get ideas and learn from each other, and they also compete. Learning in groups is called cooperative learning. Many studies have been done on cooperative learning and these studies show that when students are put in groups their learning is enhanced.

When students are placed in groups they retain more information and gain new skills. It is important to minimize conflicts when students are placed in groups and often times it might be a good idea for the students to vote a student leader for the group. Sometimes students may not all share the same amount of workload so it is important to ensure that the groups have divided their workload equally.

Make sure to note when groups are not working and are just chatting or playing around. It is important for the teacher of the class to monitor the groups and give them guidance when needed. Also, encourage the students within the groups to help each other and give positive recognition to the groups that are working well together, communicating effectively with each other, and are focused on the tasks at hand.

Next time you have an important lesson plan see if you can incorporate group work. This will give students a chance to get to know each other and it will be a new change of pace. You will find that there will be many positive effects because of group work.


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