Don’t Be Perfect Just Make Sure to Succeed Most of the Time


Life is already complicated so don’t make it more complicated by striving for perfection all of the time. Just make sure to do the best that you can and make sure to succeed at least 80% to 90% of the time. This is a mantra I live by and I’ve applied it to many aspects of my life.

As a Visual Media undergrad, I had to make all sorts of drawings and paintings. I wanted all of my drawings and paintings to be perfect and to be the most awesome pieces, but what I found was that striving for perfection was driving me insane. Then I realized you know what if I just at least make 80% to 90% of my pieces excellent then that will be good enough.

Being an artist is not about making a masterpiece all of the time. Sometimes you have to experiment and make mistakes and then the important part is learning from those mistakes. You have to try new paints or new brushes to improve your art and yes you might make some mistakes, but you have to get back up. Refresh your artwork ideas and try something new or perhaps apply your new method differently in order to make a better piece.

Above is a piece I made that was a complete experiment. I like most of it. Sure it is not perfect. It is not a masterpiece, but I love this piece because I tried something new. I cut out magazine pieces, glued it onto paper, and made a collage. I then drew on top of it then scanned the entire piece, saved the image on my computer and edited it in Photoshop. I used the smudge tool to make the edges blend and I played with the brightness and color of the image.

I love how the images are structured and placed. I like the smudges blending the images. I like the right side a lot more than the left side. Some of the drawings go well with the image like the squiggles on the right side. The drawing on the left side of the image not so well, but I still really love this piece. I am happy with the image for the most part. I would say I like 80% of it. I made this a few years ago and to this day I love it.

The important lesson for me to learn about this image is that it is not perfect, but I love most of it. Of course, it is also important that I tried something new and I grew a little bit as an artist. In the future, I would like to apply this similar technique to my other pieces. I think overall creating this artwork was a great experience and now I am happy I have a piece I can share with you, my audience.


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