Love is In My Eyes

Can’t you see it?
Love is in my eyes.
They sparkle like 300 bright stars in a jar.
Will you love me?
I’m full of imperfections.
I’m a rose that once was in bloom now slowly withering.
Hold the dried rose in your hand.
Don’t crush it.
For it will turn to dust and my love I will be gone.
Photography of pink roses is by Marie Therese Lawlor.
A print of the pink roses is for sale. Contact me at

Scene: Sabrina wrote the poem above and gave it to her boyfriend Brendan. Brendan read the poem, analyzed it, and then talked to Sabrina about what he thought of her poem.

Brendan: Thanks, Sabrina this is a sweet poem. I can see the love in your eyes. You have your imperfections, but you are not withering. You are not a dried rose. You’re more like a Venus Fly Trap actually.

Sabrina: Brendan, take my poem seriously. I am not a Venus Fly Trap.

Brendan: Okay you’re a rose, but not a dried rose and even if you were I would not crush it. I don’t want your love to be gone. You’re more of a newly blossomed rose.

Sabrina: Thanks, Brendan, but I’m actually trying to be poetic.

Brendan: It is poetic Sabrina. Great job!

Here is a video of me reading the poem and short story above:


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