Missed You Poem


Missed You Poem

You told me your childhood name.

My heart aches I cannot remember it.

I love gazing at your smile when we chat.

Even just for a little while.


I know you must go, but I don’t want you to.

It’s good to know you missed me too.

How about you view.


I’m glad to hear the sadness in your voice

when you said, “But you left the country.”

I was gone for a long time I know, but to be

back and chatting with you.

Aweee! Is a dream come true.

I have so much in my heart.

And you win.

Now it all belongs to you.


All of those little things in our past.

All came rushing back.

I never thought this would haunt me at last.

To have left without begging for a kiss.

I never thought it would be you I would miss.


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