I Want to Have You Put the Pieces Back Together


I want to go see you.

Arrive and say hello sweetie.

How are you?

Then kiss you on the lips.


Then say nothing more.

Because all has been said by just a glance.

You’ll see it in my blush.

I hope someday we can walk on a tree lined street

And watch fireflies dance.


My heart is in fragments.

Not your fault.

No need to say sorry.

No need for you to worry.

But you will be the one to put the pieces back together.

And then I know I will become stronger.


I don’t know how this has somehow worked.

But it has in its own way.

Putting it all together won’t be easy.

I know that.

It’s worth a try.


To hear your voice

Is like when I hear the waves.

It soothes me.

Then to see your smile.

It’s like seeing the ocean.


Right now it’s 11 PM

I want to go to bed soon.

I want to dream about you.

I want to sleep tight.

I want to wake happy from my dream.



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