Pieces of Us


I want you to take the pieces of me you don’t like and hang them in your office.

Until you learn to love them because they are what makes me me.

I want you to take the pieces of me you love and draw them in your notepad.

I want you to draw a rose with thorns that prick your fingers and make them bleed.

I want you to trace the outlines of the rose that’s not prickly that you love so much with your pen, scribbling all around until you can see how much you love them.

I want you to draw my lips pouting at you when I’m sad.

I want you to draw my tears with blue ink and realize you’re the only person who ever sees them.

I want you to take those tears you love so much and mix them in your tea.

Realize that those tears make my eyes look less empty.

I want you to realize your heart grows warm when you see me start my work for the day.

I want you to take all of you and I and make pound cake out of it so I can eat it when my tooth gets pulled.

I want to take that pound cake and go to bed with it.

Whether it’s peace or war between us always realize you have your tea mixed with my tears and I have pound cake in bed with me.

The scene: The girl who has written the poem above has given the poem to her boyfriend. Then the boyfriend reads the poem and analyzes it. Then he tells his friend what he thinks of the poem.

Guy analyzing his girlfriend’s poem:

Yo she wants me to hang the pieces of her I don’t like in my offices. That’s going to be a lot of stuff hanging. My office will be covered.

I can learn to like the things I dislike about her. Well, some because she’s really messy and she leaves towels all over the place. I absolutely hate towels on the floor.

I’ll take pieces of her I like and draw it on my notepad. Here check it out I drew pots and pans cause I like the fact that she’s a good cook.

She wants me to draw a rose. I know she’s trying to be poetic, but she needs to be realistic I can’t draw, especially not a rose. Maybe I can draw her daisies.

She wants me to draw her lips pouting at me when she’s sad. Awww! Cute! No need to draw it I have picture after picture of her pouting.

I can draw her tears. She’s always crying. And FYI I’m not the only one who sees them. She throws tantrums in public.

Take the tears and mix them in tea? What? For real? It must be for poetic tidbit purposes.

Her eyes do look empty sometimes. I never really noticed that, but now that she wrote about it I do see her empty eyes. And the tears gives it that not empty effect, yes, but I’d rather there be no tears and have her eyes just look empty.

My heart does grow warm when she starts work because she’s been unemployed for the last month and has just been moping around the house watching Netflix. Praise Jesus she finally got a job!

What? She wants me to take all of her and me and make pound cake so she can eat it when her tooth gets pulled. She does have a lot of cavities. I’ll just buy her pound cake from the grocery store. And should she be eating pound cake after her tooth gets pulled?

Ugh! Yeah, of course, she wants to eat pound cake in bed. She’s always eating when we’re in bed and she be getting crumbs all over the place. Then the ants come and now we need an exterminator for our bed. Seriously there are Oreo cookie crumbs everywhere.

Yeah, I do realize whether it’s peace or war she has a pound cake in bed, but nu uh I don’t got no tea mixed with tears. I don’t know what she be talking about.

Here is a video of me reading the poem and short story above:


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