Polaroid Frame Tutorial


I’ve had a few people ask about how I created my Polaroid images for the Diligent Traveler blog post so I thought I would make a simple tutorial. First things first, I went online and searched for a Polaroid photograph. I found a great one and saved it to my desktop. I then opened up the Polaroid image in Photoshop. Once in Photoshop I selected the black middle of the Polaroid image with the magic wand. I then deleted the selected black middle so that I can put an image in the layer below it and have it show through.

I consider this Polaroid image my frame. This frame would serve as a way to make my images look more cohesive and give it a fun effect. After the Polaroid frame was ready I opened up the image I was inserting behind it. The one I opened up is of the yummy donuts. I then selected the entire image and pasted the yummy donuts image into its own layer with the Polaroid frame image. I then moved the yummy donuts layer under the Polaroid frame. I resized the yummy donuts image and positioned it just so in order for it to show through properly.


Once the donuts were in it’s proper place, I then put a text layer on top and positioned the text in the middle of the image. I used the green guidelines and the ruler to better position the text layer. I then used the font called Noteworthy and I wrote, “More yummy donuts” which is what the blog post called for.

This writing harkens back the days of when I used to get Polaroid photos from my friend in America. As a Filipino you do not see many Polaroids and so when I received Polaroid images from my American friend I thought they were very interesting and special. Usually the Polaroids had writing under the photos that described the picture. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and can apply it to your images. They especially look cool on blog posts.

Here are all of the Polaroid framed photos from the Diligent Traveler post: Abreeza and Tune Hotel Adventure


Check out my video about the Polaroid frame tutorial:

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