Time Management for College Students



This is the Calendar App on my Samsung tablet. It is very useful. As you can see I was able to set classes as an example for this blog post.

When you are in college you have many responsibilities. You have classes to go to, lectures, labs, group meetings, homework, study for tests, extracurricular activities, and jobs. Then you also have your social life to squeeze in. You have friends to meet, friends and family back home to call, you have emails to answer, and even Facebook messages to answer. How are you going to juggle all of this?


This is the Memo App on my Samsung tablet. I use it often to create lists.

The answer is you have to make lists. You need to prioritize. You need to find out what is the most important thing you have to do and make sure that is finished first. You also need to put all of these to do lists on a calendar. When I first arrived at Rochester Institute of Technology it was 2001 and I was not technologically savvy so I used a small notebook to make lists. I also had a small pocket calendar to write my schedule in. Both notebook and pocket calendar fit in my purse so I always had it on hand.

Nowadays, I used iCal which is a Calendar application that comes on a Mac. What’s great about iCal or other calendar applications that come with your computer is that you have the ability to set alarms to remind you. Also, some applications allow you to sync to your smart phone, iPod, or tablet. In the past, I had an iPhone and an iPod Touch and both of them sync with iCal.

Right now I have a Samsung tablet which I do not sync with iCal, but I do use the Memo App to make lists and the Calendar to enter reminders of events and birthdays. My Samsung also has an Alarm Clock app I use to make sure I do my tasks on time. I also use it to wake for work along with an old fashioned alarm clock. The old fashioned alarm clock has come in handy many times because it is so loud it definitely wakes me up.


This is a screen shot of my Asana account. This was my action research tasks from 2012 when I was attending Full Sail University for my Masters of Science in Education Media Design and Technology.

Another thing I have used in the past to help me do tasks is Asana. I learned about it when I was attending Full Sail University for grad school. I used Asana to help me complete tasks for my action research project. If you would like to try it out, visit Asana.com. What I love about Asana is that you can share it so if you are working with a team you can assign and manage tasks via Asana and manage it there.

I hope this blog post was helpful for you. Make sure not to stress out if you have many things to do. If you feel like you have too much homework make sure to split it up into chunks and take rests in between. Of course, if your class load is too much to handle, talk to your teacher or class advisor and see what your options are. If you have a side job make sure it does not interfere with school. If it does talk to your manager about your work schedule. Most importantly make sure to set aside time to have fun with friends.

Here’s a video of me talking about time management.


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