Buyers Are Going Online to Buy


I wanted to do a blog post about customer buyer experience now, which is mostly online. Basically when I want to buy a new computer, I would now usually go ahead and do some research online instead of going to a brick and mortar store. I would Google types of computers there are, compare prices and buy it that way. In the past, I would have gone to a store first. I would gone probably straight to the Apple Store and if I couldn’t afford an Apple I would go to a store that sells PCs like Best Buy or something where they would have computers. Then I would go ahead and ask the sales person to go ahead and show me all the different computers, what I need for it, and ask other questions pertaining to owning a computer.

Now with me being more internet savvy, I definitely would just go to Google first and search for the different computers now available, the different brands, and compare and contrast. Then also, as far as software goes also I would Google Adobe Photoshop, what they have there and not even have to go to the store at all and just buy all of my computer and software needed for the computer online and do the transaction that way.

Same thing with clothes, in the past I would have gone to the store and shopped at the mall, mostly I relied on the saleswoman or man to help me find my perfect outfit. Now I would probably go on the site for brands that I love like Express or Limited and shop that way, order my size, make sure it’s the right size, and have it delivered to my house.

There’s a few changes in my buying processes that I’ve noticed and another one of them is books. I would normally go to Barnes and Noble and buy books that way and you know talk to the saleswoman in helping me find the book, now I might go to Amazon and order it instead because it’s cheaper and then have it delivered to my house. I would learn about the book by just reading about the book online, read comments online, there’s Good Reads and there’s comments also on Amazon pertaining to the book I would like to buy.

Because everyone is going to online stores now instead of going to a brick and mortar store, one can see how important it is to have an online presence. The online presence may come in a form of a site where the customers can learn about the products and also shop there. It is also important to have a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account for the company because that will help attract the customers and they can also read comments about the products and what people have to say about the company in general.


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